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New Features (Our Neopets Classic Diary)

Visit this page daily for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site!

4th May

  • It’ssss Hissi Day today and a few new Hissi colors and items have slithered their way over to Neopia!

    This first new color blossomed alongside some of the spring flowers around Neopia! A huge thank you to guest artist AshleyMarie for growing the all new Strawberry Hissi!!

    Although this friend isn’t as sweet smelling as the last, they sure are adorable! Your Hissi can now become a Speckled Hissi by using a Speckled Paint Brush on them!

    With two new awesome color options available, some Hissis were feeling a little jelly, so they decided to take matters into their own hands… well a crazy scientist's hands really… turning into a Jelly Hissi can now be the fate of any Hissi who visits the Mad Scientist’s Lab Ray!!!

    To top off the day’s celebrations, sssseveral sssshopkeepers have decided to sssstock some new sssspectacular Hissi-themed itemssss!!!

  • Lupe Day passed through Neopia while the server was taking a snooze, but our art team sure wasn’t napping!! We have plenty of new treats in store for all Lupes and Lupe fans alike out there!

    The warmer weather around Neopia has brought allergies for all, including this new Lupe! Just in time to hog all the tissues, Snot Lupe has oozed its way into Neopia! This slimy green pup can be yours with a lucky zap from The Lab Ray!!!

    Usuki fans better hold on to their dolls tight because the all new Usukiboy Lupe and Usukigirl Lupe will have you going wild! With a Usuki Paint Brush and a stylish Lupe, one of these spunky new pups could be yours!

    Last but not least, some new Lupe inspired items have been spotted stocking in various shops around Neopia! Must haves for any true Lupe fanatic!!!

  • On the northern shores of Mystery Island lay the ruins of the Lost City of Geraptiku. Recently discovered by some very curious Neopian archeologists, Geraptiku is an interesting place to explore... if you're brave enough to venture inside!

    While most of the city is now under lava thanks to Techo Mountain, the elusive Deserted Ruins have been left untouched in the wake of the eruption... just as they have been for eons!

    Are you daring enough to venture within? There may be riches beyond your wildest dreams waiting for you inside... if risking your life is worth finding out.

29th April

  • We'll be having scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, May 2nd starting at approximately 1:00 PM NST! During this time you can expect the site to be offline while we work to migrate to a new upgraded server! We'll also be making a few changes on the back-end to SDB items. A full list of your items will be logged prior to the maintenance so fret not! Should we run into any issues we'll have a complete record of your deposit box contents. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

28th April

  • The Tyrannian Concert Hall is open for business! Head on over to the Ticket Booth to buy yourself a ticket then stop by the Concert Hall to watch the show!

    What? M*YNCI are back together!? *fangirl*

  • It's the new craze sweeping Neopia - Cheeseroller! Simply buy your cheese from the cheese shop, and then see how fast you can run down a hill with it. It's that simple! If you manage to get down the hill in under a minute, you get to keep the cheese!

    There are a selection of secret cheeses only purchasable using the search field at the bottom of the Cheeseroller page. Can you find them all?

    You could even earn yourself a shiny new trophy or an avatar!

  • Pucker up! Kiss The Mortog is here and if you're ever-so daring for only 50 NP you can choose which Mortog you think is the prince or princess. If you are lucky, you win Neopoints - you can collect those Neopoints or continue. Unfortunately non-magical Mortogs HATE being kissed... and explode as a result. When this happens you lose ALL the Neopoints you would have won. Simple eh?

    So why not give it a go? If you score high enough you might even earn a nice trophy for your user lookup!

  • Have you heard the news? Everyone is hopping with excitement! It's Cybunny Day!!! Our favourite bunny is getting the spotlight today with several new shades and items to help bring in the big day!

    To kick things off Cybunny is now available in a shocking new shade. Copper Cybunny is here and it's the first non-retro pet to be coated in copper! Oh how Cu-te (and conductive!) it makes Cybunny look!

    For our next few colours we'll take a little trip back in time... Shining and glittering, Retro Cybunny is now available in both Silver and Gold! Everyone will be wishing for these new colours for their Cybunny! Take a dip in the Rainbow Pool to view these new-old metallic makeovers!

    Descending from above to help close out the new colours is Retro Faerie Cybunny!!! You can view this ravishing rabbit over at the Rainbow Pool! If you'd like one yourself you may just have to search out the elusive Hidden Tower and purchase a Faerie Paint Brush yourself...

    Finally, we have a few new items stocking in shops across Neopia to help close out this Cybunny Day celebration!

24th April

  • It's Kougra Day and our favourite feline Neopet has plenty to celebrate today with a selection of new colour options!!

    Starting the celebrations is the Strawberry Kougra! Thank you to guest artist AshleyMarie for the new colour!

    If you can get your hands on a Speckled Paint Brush you could be the proud new owner of a Speckled Kougra!

    If you're more a fan of the classic look then fear not as the White and Skunk Kougras have landed in Neopets Classic! Simply point a Retro Ray Gun at your White or Skunk Kougra to step back in time with their classic look!

    Finally, there are a few new Kougra items to help celebrate that are now stocking in Kauvara's Magic Shop and the Plushie Palace!

20th April

  • Lutari Day has come to an end and we hope you all enjoyed what they had in store! If you missed your chance to adopt one yesterday, now is your last chance! Head over to the Adoption Agency to see if any are still looking for a home.

    When fishing yesterday, a Mystery Island resident came across an adorable otter swimming near the shore. When they approached the cute little creature, they learned it was not a Lutari, but a petpet! Lutra will now stock at The Rock Pool!! On top of that, Lutra can now be painted Brown, Celebration, Pink, Purple, and White!!!

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