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New Features (Our Neopets Classic Diary)

Visit this page daily for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site!

1st December

  • It's the Month of Celebrating! Head over to the Advent Calendar each and every day this month to collect your prize! It may be Neopoints, an Item, or it may be random!

20th November

  • Welcome back to Neopets Classic!! We truly missed you all and are so excited to be back!

    A very unfortunate server failure has sent our data back 6 months. We have worked hard to get the site restored & working again. Thousands of images needed replacing, and hundreds of bugs needed fixing. Now that the site is restored, we want to help restore your data as well. Begin the process by filling out the NPC Account Recovery Google Form.

    As a thank you for sticking around through this mess, a This is Fine Gift Bag is up for grabs from The Money Tree! Inside you will find a new trophy & avatar for your lookup, as well as some items to help replace a few you may be missing or forgetting.

    The Daily Lever will be open for business tomorrow! To make up for some items & stats you may be missing, we have constructed a lever that resets your daily activities. Careful though! You only have 165 pulls before the lever breaks beyond repair!

    It seems while everyone was away, a strange object has crashed into the Tyrannian Plateau! A Crazy Scientist lurks nearby, ranting on about fixing his time machine to go home… but that’s just crazy… right?

    During our own travels back in time, an ancient art form has been discovered! Introducing Retro Neopets!! These nostalgic Neopets can be obtained by using a Retro Ray Gun on a Neopet that has a retro version of that species/colour combination available. The ray gun can be found in an exclusive event when browsing the site using the '2004' site theme, or if you're lucky enough you might just be given one for helping out the Time Traveler. Take a look at all of the historic pets at the Rainbow Pool!

    Mystery Island residents took advantage of the lack of tourists during the shutdown. The Island received some much needed renovations & new construction! The Crab Shack offers the only sit down meal on the island! Come in for a 3 course meal, but expect a wait, it’s very popular among the local residents & tourists alike! If you're lucky, they may even package up your expensive leftovers for you.

    A secret sandy shore was discovered during construction. The construction crew enjoyed relaxing & fishing off the shore in their spare time, and it quickly became a popular fishing spot among many island residents! I wonder if the fishing is as good as they say? Only one way to find out!

    The Slushie shopkeeper experimented with new slushie flavors in their spare time the past few weeks. But these slushies don’t seem quite right… Introducing the new Blueberry, Chokato, Plushie, Pumpkin, Rainbow, Red, Split, Tchea, Yellow, and Green Magic Slushie Chias!

    For the neopians looking for a drink to keep them warm as the weather is cooling down, the Coffee Shop is sure to have what you are looking for!

    The Neolodge was deep cleaned while everyone was away. They also received some much needed upgrades to their computer systems! You can now book multiple stays at once with the Multi Select tool at the NeoLodge!

    Last but not least, the spooky event will resume tomorrow! These decked out little petpets were glitched out, stuck trick or treating this whole time. They are now forever stuck in their costumes. Introducing Alien Petpets!!

    Angel Slorg was inching along behind the group of green friends!

28th October

  • A group of adventurers have once again setup shop at The Wanderer Camp. This year, they're in search of the cursed city of Neovia. The adventurers can only get so far on an empty stomach though, so if you find some candies during your adventures in Neopia be sure to stop on by and exchange them for tickets which can be traded for some returning and some new prizes!

    If the inhabitants of Neopia are able to band together and scrounge up enough candies for the adventurers to make the dangerous trek through the Haunted Woods to find the city then Neovia and its included shops and activities will be opened for all to visit!

    Candies can be found through numerous daily activities. You'll also be able to visit a select few places across Neopia to trick-or-treat and receive a large helping of candy! If neither of those quite suit your fancy you'll be able to find candy spread across the maps of Neopia. It'll take time to replenish, however, as other trick-or-treaters can only drop so much candy!

26th October

  • This week, we celebrate both Jetsam day and Korbat day!

    For those of you already missing the warm summer weather, Desert Jetsam is right there with you! If you need a pal to miss the heat with, take your Jetsam & Lost Desert Paint Brush to the Rainbow Pool!

    The spooky season has filled the skies with bats! However, not all bats are spooky. Introducing Valentine Korbat!! This delicate friend can be obtained by using a Valentines Paint Brush on your Korbat!

14th October

  • Yesterday was Bori day, and we have a few new surprises in store for you all!!

    This new Bori is just overjoyed to see you, if you couldn’t tell… Introducing Grey Bori !! Don’t you just want to pick him up, hug him tight and give him a loving home?

    Two new Bori morphing potions are now available! Either of these will turn any one of your pets into a beaming Bori!!

10th October

  • We have multiple pet days to celebrate today, so let’s get to it!!

    First up, Grarrl day was a couple days ago and this spotted dinosaur has been spotted around Neopia. Introducing Speckled Grarrl!! Take a speckled paint brush and your favorite Grarrl over to the Rainbow Pool to turn them into one of these pastel prehistoric dinos.

    Eyrie day is also on the list of celebrations! We bring you two fantastic new colors in their honor. The sturdy Stone Eyrie is now obtainable with a Stone Paint Brush… if you are lucky enough to come across one that is. A mini version of this fierce friend is said to be one of the best protectors for any garden. It is said to be almost as rare as the paint brush itself!

    For all the eyries looking for a little more liveliness, the eyepopping Strawberry Eyrie is bursting with both color & flavor!! Head over to the Rainbow Pool to paint this forever favorite!!

27th September

  • Queen Fyora heard a few Neopians were having trouble with their quests so she's decided to hand out free Faerie Quests once a day for another week! You will be able to claim a free quest each day until the 4th of October.

    That's not all though as she has called in a new faerie to help distribute the workload - The Grey Faerie will now be asking Neopians to help her find her toys, the sight of which just might help her crack a slight smile!

    If you happen to complete a quest for the Queen, the Grey Faerie, or the Battle Faerie they might just hand you one of their new charms!

    When added to your profile these charms will provide the following bonuses in addition to boosting the odds of getting a Faerie Quest:

    • Faerie Queen Charm : Provides a 7.5% discount at the Hidden Tower... if you can find it!
    • Grey Faerie Charm : Provides a chance of a "your pet is feeling grey" random event that turns your pet Grey!
    • Battle Faerie Charm : Provides a 15% reduction in training times

26th September

  • It's Skeith Day!!! Grab your rotund pets to celebrate as we've got two new shades of Skeith to share!

    First is the fantastical Faerie Skeith!!! Head over to the Rainbow Pool to get a better look at this flying frist-rate Faerie friend!

    To cap off the celebration we'd like to introduce the powerful Polkadot Skeith!!! If you manage to get your hands on a Polkadot Paint Brush this pugnacious pink pal can be yours!

20th September

    • It's once again time to celebrate the Faerie Festival!!! During this weeklong celebration, the Faerie Queen, Fyora herself, has decreed that all Neopians are eligible to receive one free Faerie Quest per day! That's not all though as she has instructed her faeries to hand out random quests at an increased rate!

      Should you finish a quest, you might be lucky enough to receive a special new charm from certain faeries! These nifty little beads will boost your odds of getting a random quest while also boosting your chance for a Fountain Faerie Quest when added to your charms! If you manage to collect all of them... well that's for you to figure out!

      Free quests will be available from 20/09 - 27/09. The Faerie Beads will always be available as a possible extra reward from corresponding Faerie Quests.

    • Happy Poogle Day! First off, we bring you a new colour, Zombie Poogle! If you happen to zap a Poogle with the Secret Laboratory you may be lucky, or unlucky enough to get this undead makeover! Since they don’t seem to bring much life to the party, a few new Poogle plushies will be stocking at Plushie Palace!!!

      To end the Poogle Parade, a select number of Poogles, released in batches over the next 24 hours, will be available for creation through Create a Neopet! Be sure to check back for a chance to create a limited-edition Poogle if they run out!

15th September

    • Prepare your sweet tooth as the Chocolate Ball takes place today! We have not only a few new pets to share with you but another sweet treat as well!

      Our prehistoric pal Chomby has gotten a new chocolate makeover! Get ready for a crunch as Chocolate Chomby is here and looking sweet as ever!

      Next up the ever-so eloquent Eyrie also appears to have taken a dip into the Chocolate River! Chocolate Eyrie is here and ready to be eaten escorted to its new home on your user lookup!

      Lassst but certainly not least is our spectacularly sprinkled friend, Chocolate Hissi!!! If this delicious looking new pet can't conquer your chocolate cravings we're not sure what will!

      Finally, for the duration on 24 hours from this news post, vendors across Neopia will be handing out Golden Tickets at an increased rate! Hopefully you're able to snag one in order to create one of these great new pets!

    • Introducing the Activities Manager!!! This new addition is the ultimate tool for the Neopets Classic poweruser. It contains an array of different features that will assist you during your daily activities such as restocking timers, fishing timers, daily indicators and quick links and so much more.

      The best part of this new feature is that it's not an add-on or script meaning it'll work anywhere you can play Neopets Classic, even on your mobile devices! The data populating the Activities Manager is pulled straight from your account so you won't have to worry about doing any weird resets or fixes. The times and information will always be exact!

      You can enable the Activities Manager under Site Preferences and start playing to the absolute highest potential!

14th September

    • In honour of Techo day yesterday, we bring to you two new colours! Be careful though, Electric Techo is said to produce a zap strong enough to make all of your Neopet’s hairs stand up! For those of you looking for a more chill Neopet, Disco Techo has been spotted doing a groovy disco around Neopia!!

      To end the day’s celebration, Kauvara's Magic Shop will now be stocking two new Techo Morphing Potions!

9th September

    • Get ready to fly amongst a few new reptilian friends as today is Draik Day!!!

      If yer ready to walk the plank then perhaps the new Pirate Draik is just the loot you were lookin fer! So long as ye happen across a Pirate Paint Brush during yer plundering, that is!

      If a Pirate doesn't please you then perhaps our new gelatinous dragon will! Jelly Draik has jiggled its way into the Rainbow Pool for your viewing pleasure!

      Last but certainly not least, if you're looking for a new makeover for your Draik that's almost lifelike but not quite then put down your pencils and grab a paint brush as Sketch Draik is here!!!

6th September

    • Welcome to day 3 of our pet day paloozas! This is the last of the events we have to make up for, so we hope you enjoy these next new additions!

      Grundo day is up first & they made quite a stink about their celebration being delayed. Introducing Skunk Grundo!!

      To honor the anniversary of the discovery of both Meridell & Brightvale, we present a fearsome new warrior, Usukiboy Eyrie, and a brilliant scholar, Usukiboy Kougra!! Various new books will now be stocking in shops around Neopia to help spread the histories of the cities!!

      Last but not least, today at the make-up Annual Usuki Convention, several new Usuki colors were announced! Usukigirl Eyrie, Usukigirl Eyrie, Usukigirl Chia and Usukiboy Chia are now all obtainable with a Usuki Paint Brush! It has been rumored that a few new Usuki dolls have been seen around Neopia following the convention as well.

      Thank you for tuning in & celebrating all of the recent pet days with us! Be sure to keep an eye on the horizon for the next pet day!

5th September

    • The festivities continue today! We have more pet days to make up for and these new colors have been dyeing for their debut… so let’s get to it!

      Blumaroo day hopped into the lineup first! But they seem to have left a sweet, gooey trail behind… Introducing Chocolate Blumaroo!!

      Next up, Kiko day! The Kikos were so busy building the new Kiko Lake, they forgot to celebrate their own day! Not to worry, Darigan Kiko and Coconut Kiko have made their way to Neopets Classic! Coconut Kiko will be obtainable via the Secret Lab Ray!!

      Peophin splashed… or swung?... into this celebration! Woodland Peophin is now paintable at the Rainbow Pool with a Woodland Paint Brush!

      Ruki day is ending this pet day palooza on a sweet note! Introducing the dazzling Candy Ruki!!

      Finally, Meerca day is the last pet day we will celebrate in this string of festivities, but instead of new colors, the Meercas demanded new items to stash away before cooler weather sets in! You can now find these Meerca related items in various places around Neopia!

      Stay tuned for one last make-up celebration tomorrow to end this 3-day long palooza!

4th September

    • Whoops! We seem to have let down a few Neopets by forgetting to celebrate their pet days. So we are ready to make it up to you and all of your Neopets! Are you ready!? Is your bank account?!

      First up, Acara day! We bring to you two new colors Pirate Acara and Mutant Acara!!!

      Flotsam deserves recognition too. Presenting Darigan Flotsam to celebrate flotsam day!

      JubJub day is next up, and they wanted an explosive celebration! Pirate JubJub, by artist Chanty was able to help us make their wishes come true. Fire JubJub must have been standing a bit too close!

      Nimmo hopped into this palooza… but no one seemed to notice. It must be a Camouflage Nimmo!!

      Finally, something sweet to finish off today’s palooza. Chocolate Tuskaninny is the perfect pet to put the cherry on top of the celebrations!

      Before we end the celebrations for today, various Ixi related items have been introduced in recognition of ixi day!

30th August

  • Yesterday Kyriis across Neopia celebrated their special day. These two weren’t ready for the fun to end, so let the celebration continue! To help them out, we bring you two new colors to the Kyrii family!

    First, Tyrannian Kyrii to take us back in time!!! This Kyrii’s pre-historic figure doesn’t stop it from celebrating!

    It’s not a celebration without something sweet! Introducing Chocolate Kyrii!! If you manage to get your hands on a Golden Ticket, this delightful Kyrii could sweeten up your profile!

    To finish off our Kyrii day celebrations, a few new items have been spotted around Neopia, all Kyrii related of course!

18th August

  • To end off our Pet Palooza, our art team has 3 new forest friends to share!!!

    Woodland Lupe is here!!! Give your Lupe a makeover fit for any coppice canine by heading over to the Rainbow Pool!

    If you take a walk into the woods be sure not to step on the new Woodland Techo as it's able to blend right in!!!

    Finally, our newest addition to our woodland friends is Woodland Usul!!! It may seem cute at first, but make sure you watch our for its tail! We wouldn't want any accidental trappings, now would we?”

17th August

  • While there may be record-breaking temperatures outside, things aren't exactly cooling down in Classic Neopia with two new Lost Desert themed pets and a soft new friend!

    Bring a bit of the desert to your user lookup with the Desert Krawk!!! Take any Krawk and a Lost Desert Paint Brush to the Rainbow Pool in order to give your Krawk a makeover fit for any Lost Desert inhabitant!

    Next if you're looking for a desert makeover for a pet who is a bit more... aquatic then look no further! The Desert Lutari is here!!!

    Last but certainly not least, we have our soft new friend Clay Aisha!!!

    If you need something to cool you off from this summer heat our art team has just what you're looking for!

    First up making big waves is Maraquan Xweetok!!! Take a Maraquan Paint Brush to the Rainbow Pool to give your pet this fresh new look!

    Next making quite the splash, Maraquan Kacheek is here!!! With a Maraquan Paint Brush your Kacheek can be the pet that smiles back!

    Finally, Desert Draik has arrived with a look fit for any pharaoh- or dragon! If you've got a Lost Desert Paint Brush kicking about then you can give your Draik this ancient makeover!

16th August

  • If you're feeling down because the Festival of Neggs has come to a close, fret not! We've got a few leftover treats for you yet!

    First up we have the long awaited Chocolate Wocky by chanty! Be sure not to hug this cute pet too tightly as your heart should be the only thing that's melting!

    Next, our art team have generously provided two new colours, one for Lutari and one for Bori! First up is the seriously sweet Chocolate Lutari!!! If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a Golden Ticket you'll be able to dip your Lutari to give it this delicious looking new shade!

    Finally, the Woodland Bori is here!!! This earthly fellow can grace your user lookup if you take your very own Bori to the Rainbow Pool with a Woodland Paint Brush!”

15th August

  • Alakazam!!! The Shop Wizard's powers will allow you to search for any item in various places right under it's name!

    You can toggle this on by heading to your Site Preferences.

26th June

  • If you're in need of a sweet treat to continue celebrating the Festival of Neggs then these new pet releases might be just what you're looking for!

    Take a bite out of this great new colour! The Chocolate Jetsam is here and ready to sweeten up your user lookup!

    If you happen to be feeling a little hoarse due to Uni not having a sweet shade of its own worry not! The new Chocolate Uni is here!!! If you happen to get your hands on a Golden Ticket you'll be able to use it to transform your Uni into this edible pet, perfect for any equestrian!!!

    Lastly, if chocolate isn't quite up your alley then perhaps you're looking for something a bit more natural? In any case, the all new Woodland Kiko is the pet for you!

23rd June

  • If the previous pets we've released just haven't done it for you and you're in need of something a bit more sweet then we've got you covered with the new Candy Meerca!!! Head over to the Rainbow Pool to get a lick! Er, we mean look!

    That's not all though! If your sweet tooth is still not satiated, worry not as the Candy Yurble is here!!! This delectable new pet can be yours if you happen to get your hands on a Candy Paint Brush!!!

20th June

  • You'd better get a Moove on as we've got lots to celebrate! It's Kau Day!!! There are new Kau colours and new Kau items to go around for all!

    Celebrate Kau Day by giving your Kau this sweet new makeover- The Chocolate Kau is now here!

    Is this Kau radioactive? He's literally glowing! Introducing the Glowing Kau!

15th June

  • If you and your pets are looking for a festive late night snack, the Soup Faerie has invited you over to the Nightly Neopian Feast!!! Each day after 7PM NST and until 7AM NST you and 4 pets can go and pick up some delicious festival foods to help celebrate the Festival of Neggs!!!

    It's also now possible to find a Homemade Wish Packet and Homemade Wish Card through random events and from the Festival Prize Shop! Your pet might also get lucky enough to find one while Bobbing for Neggs! If you happen to get either of these wonderful new items, be sure to swap them with friends!!!

14th June

  • It's Quiggle day and we know what'll get you hopping with excitement- two brand new colours for our favourite amphibious Neopet!

    The delicious looking Chocolate Quiggle has been released!!! If you manage to get a Golden Ticket you can dip your very own Quiggle to give it this sweet new shade!

    You can add a bit of shine to your user Gold Quiggle!!! Head over to the Rainbow Pool to take a look and check out this new radiant new colour for Quiggle!

13th June

  • If you’re running low on Neopoints or want some food for your pets, once each month you can head over to the Monthly Freebies page and claim some free items! Cool!

    Mmm, free food!

10th June

  • It's springtime and plants aren't the only thing sprouting this time of year. After passing in the Neopets Classic Special Poll #1, Woodland pets are here! If you've already managed to get your hands on a Woodland Paint Brush then you're in luck as there are two new pets ready to be painted!

    Woodland Aisha is now available! Head over to the Rainbow Pool to take a look or to paint your very own Aisha!

    Next we have Woodland Gnorbu! This fluffy friend can be yours by using a Woodland Paint Brush over at the Rainbow Pool

10th June

  • If you've been saving a Golden Ticket for a special occasion, today might be the day! In celebration of the Festival of Neggs we're releasing not one, but THREE new Chocolate coloured pets!

    First and most ferociously is the Chocolate Grarrl! This delicious looking dino can be yours now if you've gotten your hands on a Golden Ticket or are lucky enough to zap one!

    Next up we have the elegantly edible Chocolate Ixi by ryoukishi and the art team!!!

    Finally, if you've got a craving for Kikos and chocolate then you're in luck as the Chocolate Ixi has arrived!!!

  • The Craft Stall is now stocking Talpidat Enamel Pride Pins!!!

    A few more star-shaped charms are also now available!!!

9th June

  • Happy Pride Month! A group of Pea Chia have been seen rolling around Neopia handing out gift bags to once again celebrate 'Rainbow Month' here in Classic Neopia!

    That's not all this year! In case you hadn't noticed, Neopia Central has gotten a bit of a makeover to help celebrate! A small Craft Stall has opened up for business and for the rest of the month a couple of shopkeepers will be keeping it stocked with a collection of new items!

    Some of these items include new Site Charms & Pins that when choosing the 'Use' option from your inventory will be added to your user lookup near your trophies! These wonderful new charms and pins are a great way to share your identity with your fellow Neopians and are the perfect opportunity to add a bit of yourself to your lookup!

    You're able to add a maximum of 5 charms and pins to your lookup but that number can be expanded with an Inventory Token, granting you an extra 5 slots per pet token exchanged! You can expand and edit you charms and pins by heading over to your user lookup.

    The stall will be restocked each hour on the hour, though similar to the Hidden Tower it will be closed a few times a day for managing stock! So be sure to do your purchasing accordingly!

    A new item available from both the bag and stall is Gender Fluid, a magical potion that's able to change your pet's gender! Please do be aware that unlike the Strange Potion, this item will not allow you to choose the art for the pet colours such as Royal or Usuki. That being said, there are several additional genders available for both pets and players! Other, None and Non-binary are now available options from the Gender Fluid and can now also be chosen when updating your user profile!

6th June

  • Before things heat up for the summer, Kari the Negg Faerie is hosting the Festival of Neggs to count down the days until summer! This new limited time event will last through June 20th closing at the end of that day.

    Sadly things seem not to be going exactly to plan and Kari misplaced several Negg shells on the move over to the Neopian Bazaar where she's set up shop for the duration of the event! These shells can be found in various locations across Neopia, but you'll only be able to grab one every minute or so to keep things fair with other players. Picking one up will add it to your Event Pouch where you'll be able to redeem or trade them with other players using the Event Exchange!

    In addition to hunting for Negg shells, Illusen has also set up a booth of her own where you're able to take a pet to Bob for Neggs! It only costs 5 NP a go and you'll be able to do it once every 6 hours, so why not have a go for a chance at some wonderful festival foods and items?

    A handful of other booths such as the Nightly Neopian Feast and Pin the Tail on the Tonu will also be opening up for business during the duration of the event, so be sure to keep an eye out...

    The event prize shop will automatically refresh at midnight NST on Sundays, so be sure if you get a good prize and you'd like to keep it that you untick the Event Shop Refresh toggle on the Site Preferences page.

    On a final and exciting note, throughout the duration of the Fetival, Faerie magic will be boosting the chances of getting a Strange Fragment from any eligible activities across the site!

6th June

  • Oh my! It would appear a group of tourist Lutari wandered a bit too far looking for the festival and are now looking for new owners!!! If you missed out on Lutari Day now is your lucky chance to grab one!

    There will also be additional Lutari available tomorrow at 12:00PM NST and 6:00PM NST!

  • Oh dear! It seems that a group of Neopets has gotten lost on their way to the Festival of Neggs and took a wrong turn or two! Thankfully they've all made their way back from the Ice Caves and are now able to be painted in these wonderful new shades now that they've joined in on the celebration!

    The first of the stragglers are two new Tyrannian friends, the Tyrannian Grarrl, along with the Tyrannian Tonu, a collab between ryoukishi and the art team!!! These two missed their own victory day but not to worry, they're now here and ready to tear up the festival with fun!

    Next, it seems that a couple of Moehog have also lost their way! All is now well as both the Island Moehog and Orange Moehog have arrived! You can head over to the Rainbow Pool to take a look or create one yourself!

    What's this? A few Koi have made their way over to the festival as well! We're not really sure how they survived in the Ice Caves, but hey, they're here now and ready to party so that's all that matters, right? Nevertheless, the Angel Koi, Gold Koi and Silver Koi are now all available!

    Finally, a small group of Yurble have also managed to make it to the festival to celebrate with the other Neopians! The Glowing Yurble, Gold Yurble and the Snot Yurble have all arrived!!!

3rd June

  • In celebration of Fyora Day, the Faerie Queen herself has reduced the cost of goods in the Hidden Tower by 15%! So long as you're able to find it, that is...
    Do note that these sales will only continue for 24 hours after this news post goes live. She can't just give things away, after all!

    Several new items have also been released to celebrate her majesty's big day! You can find these in several shops across Neopia.

15th May

  • Fancy a game of chance? Well you are at the right place. This is the great new dice game Dice-A-Roo, brought to you by King Roo of the Blumaroos!

    There are five dice, and you play the game by rolling one at a time. You start with the red die, then move to the blue one, the green one, the yellow one, and lastly the silver die. Each die has a number of faces, each one of these will have a special effect.

13th May

  • Oh my! If you're a food lover you best get yourself over to Neopian Fresh Foods!!! There are over 900 new items now stocking in the shop!!!

    If you're a collector or a feeder of Kadoaties, don't fret just yet! Head over to the Money Tree as a few sets of each item (r89 and lower) have been placed there for Neopians hungry to get their hands on these new items!

12th May

11th May

  • If you've gathered a number of Neggs during your travels throughout Neopia, you might want to visit the Neggery! The Negg Faerie, Kari, will allow you to take a few of your ordinary Neggs and exchange them for better Neggs possessing much greater powers.

    Some Neggs will allow your pets to gain a few points in a stat while some might grant an item (in exchange for your pet devouring the Negg, that is!) In any case, the doors to the Neggery are now open and you can begin amassing tokens now!

5th May

  • If you didn't get your fill from Lupe Day we've got great news for you! Roi's Spotted Lupe has been released! Grab a Spotted Paint Brush and head over to the Rainbow Pool to give your Lupe this great new look!

5th May

  • Ssssstep right up and celebrate for it's Hissi Day!

    First off we have several new Hissi themed items to help celebrate the big day! You can find them in their respective stores across Neopia.

    ryoukishi kicks off our new colour releases with their Electric Hissi!!! Grab an Electric Blue Paint Brush and head over to the Rainbow Pool to give your Hissi a shocking makeover!

    chanty and ryoukishi have crafted quite a sorrowful pet in the Grey Hissi!!!

    Lastly, to end our parade of new colours on a bright note, ryoukishi finishes off with the radiant Pink Hissi!!! Take a dip in the Rainbow Pool to see all of the new colours for yourself!

2nd May

  • Get together with your pack to celebrate because it's Lupe Day!

    To kick things off Elfy has baked up a nice sweet treat! Biscuit Lupe is here! Take a bite and head over to the Rainbow Pool to take a look!

    Next, if you want a pet that you can bury in the backyard to save for a rainy day look no further than zretrareo's new Gold Lupe!!! Grab a Gold Paint Brush to give your Lupe this shiny new coat of fur!

    To cap off our new Lupe colours, Kitten is spreading the love with her all new Valentine Lupe!!! Show just how much you love Lupe by using a Valentine Paint Brush to get your hands on this captivating canine.

    Finally, to keep the pawty going, we've got several new Lupe-themed items now stocking in shops across Neopia!!!

29th April

  • We've missed a few pet days in our exam absence, but not to worry! Today is not a pet day but a pet palooza! We're celebrating not one, but THREE different pet days today with a new batch of colours and items to help commemorate these special days.

    Firstly we'd like to bring our attention to our special friend the Krawk! corprus and ryoukishi worked quite hard to bring you two new variations on the Krawk- Baby and Chocolate!

    Not only that, but we have a few new Krawk-themed items to go along with these two new shades!

    Kougra is on the prowl, or at least would have been a few days ago had we not missed their special day! Not to worry, as we have plenty of love to go around for Kougra!

    vesperial and zretrareo have created the lovely Valentine Kougra!!!

    If you are unable to feel the love tonight for Kougra then perhaps you're more of a Neopian with a sweet tooth. Good news for you if you are as corprus and ryoukishi have drawn up quite the sweet surprise in the form of Chocolate Kougra!!!

    Finally for Kougra, and your dentist will not be pleased, as voted on you in the Neopets Classic Special Poll #1, chanty and corprus have cooked up the all new Kougra in the all new colour Candy, Candy Kougra!!! The Candy Paint Brush will be released in a following update, however this sweet Kougra can be yours if you're lucky enough to get a chance to take a dip into the Rainbow Fountain or are risky enough to zap your poor pet through the Secret Laboratory... if you've found the way, that is!

    We have several new items available for all Kougra lovers too!!!

    Last, but certainly not least, Cybunny day may have come and gone but these new colour options and items are here to stay!!!

    zretrareo has created the shinest new colour of all for our dear Cybunny! If your user lookup is lacking some bling, the all new Gold Cybunny might be the new friend that you've been looking for!!!

    Next, if you've got access to the Secret Laboratory this next addition may be of interest to you! If you're looking for a new gelatinous friend IsseyLu's latest culinary creation might be just what you need as Jelly Cybunny is here!!!

    At love last, we've reached the last of our new pets! chanty and Kitten have created a new colour for Cybunny, you'll just want to grab it and hold it tight until it turns purple... or in this case, pink! The Valentine Cybunny is here and you can get one yourself so long as you can get your hands on a Valentine Paint Brush!!!

    In our addition to our new Cybunny colours, a handful of new Cybunny items can now be found in shops across Neopia, and they're really quite hopping!!!

27th April

19th April

  • Happy Lutari Day!!! The Rainbow Pool is going to be quite full today as we're introducing 4, yes you read that right, 4 brand new Lutari colours to help celebrate the big day!

    What's small, adorable, and is obtainable so long as you have a Baby Paint Brush? If you somehow managed to guess Tomasina's all new Baby Lutari then you'd be correct! So long as Queen Fyora isn't taking inventory, you can head over to the Hidden Tower and grab a brush to give your Lutari this adorable new colour! Hopefully you're able find the tower, that is... It's hidden, after all!

    If a spooky looking pet is more your style then worry not! Tomasina has you covered there as well! The Ghost Lutari is here and ready to cause a scare for any Neopian who might venture to their pet lookup!

    No, you're not seeing spots! You're seeing Purple Lutari from rorjor!!! Taking your own Lutari and a Purple Paint Brush over to the Rainbow Pool will grant you this grandiloquent new shade!

    Finally, last but certainly not least if you're longing for those summer days at the beach then the result of corprus and ryoukishi's latest team-up should get you excited! The Maraquan Lutari is here!!! Grab a Maraquan Paint Brush and head straight over to the Rainbow Pool to give your Lutari this hydrophilic new colour!!!

    Personal Note: Hey everyone, just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates over the last week or so. This is my last week of classes for the semester (yay!) so I have been working hard to finish up term projects along with studying for my exams. I will be finished with everything on the 21st so we should be back to regular content updates and bug fixes after later this week! Feel free to Neomail me if there are any pressing issues that have arisen in my absence as I do check the site at least a few times a day when I'm busy, otherwise I will see you all on Thursday with a new update!!! Thanks very much for your patience, now get painting those Lutari you all created today!!! -noah

17th April

14th April

  • It's Grey Day and to celebrate there's not just one, but TWO new species that are now able to receive new melancholy makeovers!!!

    Lina was kind enough to provide the artwork to give Blumaroo a case of the blues. Grey Blumaroo is here now and you can head over to the Rainbow Pool for a dip to take a look!

    corprus has graced us with this cheerless Chia!!! If you want your pet to experience sadness like never before then you'll need to get your hands on a Grey Paint Brush in order to give your Chia this gloomy new look.

11th April

  • As we once again observe Pet Day, a newer, deluxe-er, gift bag item that contains various old Petpets can be found once again through random events! This gift bag will only be available for a limited time each year so make sure to grab one if you want to get your hands on an old pet!

9th April

2nd April

  • Hooray! It's Shoyru Day! To celebrate, chanty has created quite the surprise to rock your socks off! The Stone Shoyru is now available! But be warned, should you create one... Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back, don't look away, and DON'T blink.

2nd April

  • What's better than a banana? A peach? A raspberry?? Why, a JUPPIE SWIRL CHIA, of course! Come welcome Elfy's newly retouched original Neopets art to the perfect produce pile of paintable Chias and take a dip in the Rainbow Pool today to check out the new Juppie Swirl Chia! (or buy a Magical Juppie Swirl Chia Pop).

1st April

  • Oh dear!!! The Pant Devil has been spotted swopping down and shearing innocent Neopets!!! Hopefully their coats will grow back in a few days time...

26th March

  • Spring has sprung, but among the sprouting plant life there's something... alive? That's right, chanty has created the very lovely Valentine JubJub!!! If you're able to obtain a Valentines Paint Brush you can take your JubJub for a dip in the Rainbow Pool to grace it with this new perennial shade!

  • You'd best tuck your erasers away! Elfy's newly created Sketch Grundo has just been penciled in! We'll make no guarantees about water either, but at least you know that it'll be safe in the Rainbow Pool should you decide to take your Grundo for a dip and give it a fresh new look with a Scritchy Sketchy Paint Brush!!!

25th March

  • This week, Queen Fyora is holding the Spring Faerie Festival! You might find several faerie items in random events throughout the week, or if you're lucky enough, you might even be visited by the faerie queen herself! Nobody is quite sure what goodies specifically she'll be handing out to Neopians, but it must be pretty good coming from royalty!

    If you're in need of some extra work then you're in luck! To further celebrate the festivities, Queen Fyora will give each Neopian one new faerie quest each day if they visit her over in Faerie City! You'll be able to get a new quest each day after midnight NST, starting today and ending on March 31st!

23rd March

  • It's not just Wocky- Bori now has its own set of polkadots as well! Tomasina has graced us with the freshly released Polkadot Bori!!! Your pet can now be painted this fashionable shade... but wait! There's more!

    Tomasina has created not just one, but TWO new colours for the Bori! The Checkered Bori is at long last available. If you happen to already have a Checkered Bori Morphing Potion in your possession it'll now function correctly!

  • You're not just seeing spots, you're seeing the all new Polkadot Wocky!!! Tomasina was kind enough to create this radiant new shade for the Wocky, and if you happen to get your hands on a Polkadot Paint Brush you can take it over to the Rainbow Pool and polka your very own Wocky!

  • Fancy a cold refreshing treat? If you've done Taelia a favour and she's rewarded you with an Ice Cream Machine Coupon you can now head over to Mr. Chipper's Ice Cream Cart and exchange your coupon for an ice cream!

    There are several new ice creams available exclusively from Mr. Chipper so if you're an avid collector of gourmet foods you should be delighted! There's even a new squishy little friend for all you plushie lovers...

22nd March

  • To continue on with the Chomby Celebrations there are several new Chomby-themed items now stocking in shops across Neopia! You can pick up a Disco Chomby Morphing Potion from Kauvara's Magic Shop to get your pet in a groovy mood for Chomby Day! Or if you're looking to pick up a new toy for the festivities things are heating up over in Plushie Palace with the all new Fire Chomby Plushie! If you're more of a food person (who isn't?) then you and your Chomby can cool off with the all new and all cold Purple Chomby Mint Chip Ice Cream from the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop.

    So long as you're a fan of the Chomby (or just new items!) there's bound to be something for you to enjoy this Chomby day!!!

  • It's Chomby Day!!! To celebrate, chanty and ryoukishi have created quite the prehistoric surprise... the Tyrannian Chomby is now available! Head over to the Rainbow Pool to take a look!

  • A new NeoPoll is now live! This poll, dubbed the Neopets Classic Special Poll #1 contains many new colour concepts created by some of our talented artists- chanty, corprus, and Elfy! There are also a number of questions that will decide how often the current fixed hi-scores, such as Books and Gourmet Foods, will reset! Finally, you'll be able to vote on whether or not the Petpet versions of the Tyrannian and Maraquan Krawks created by ryoukishi should be able to grow up with a trip to the Fungus Cave. Be sure to cast your vote before March 26th as that's when this special poll will close!

13th March

  • Luck is in the air this month as more rainbows have been spotted than usual across Neopia... what's waiting at the end of them, you ask? Why the all new Lucky Kiko Gift Bag, of course! You'll be able to find these special gift bags via random events until March 31st!

    We'd like to give our special thanks to Elfy for doing the art for the giftbag itself along with the new lucky Clover Seed! We'd also like to thank corprus for whipping up some undetailed versions of the all new Woodland Petpets!

11th March

  • If you love to give your Neopet matching Petpets, rejoice! Over 450 new painted Petpets originally released up to May 1st, 2007, have been added! If you're a Petpet collector on the other hand... good luck! Visit the Petpet Puddle to view all of the new additions! If you don't see your favourite there don't fret! We'll be adding even more over time!

  • The Krawk is now available in the all new colour, Polkadot!!! Thanks to Tomasina, you can now head over to the Rainbow Pool to view this spectacular new colour!

    If you are interested in the new Polkadot colour, you may want to keep an eye out for the Polkadot Paint Brush...

8th March

  • The Heart Shaped Candies will stop dropping on Thursday, 10th of March! Be sure to collect all that you can before that point! The event shop will be resetting at 9PM NST tomorrow!!!

6th March

  • If you're looking to have a Neopet that perfectly expresses just how much you love the Bruce then look no further! chanty and corprus are to thank for this most beautiful creation! If you're looking to get your mitts on this passionate penguin just grab yourself a Valentines Paint Brush and take any Bruce for a quick dip in the Rainbow Pool!!!

6th March

  • If you've got a good set of items in your Event Shop but don't have enough heart shaped candies don't fret! You can now toggle whether or not you'd like your event shop to be a part of the weekly refreshes that take place on Sundays. Tonight's reset will take place at 9PM NST so be sure to head over to your Site Preferences and uncheck the "Event Shop Refresh" toggle before that time!

3rd March

  • If you're still unable to feel the love in the air tonight then worry not! zretrareo and corprus have you covered! The Valentine Eyrie is here and if you manage to get your hands on a Valentines Paint Brush then you can ensure your very own Eyrie is the most lovable (not to mention squishy!) in all the land!

  • February may have come and gone, but love in still in the air! In fact, Uni has just received a double dose thanks to Elfy!!! The Valentine Uni is here, and you can show just how much you love your Uni by taking it for a dip in the Rainbow Pool!

  • What happens to all of that leftover Valentine's candy, you ask? Why, it gets melted down to make corprus's newly released Chocolate Buzz, of course!!!

23rd February

  • Oh my, would you look at that! A lovely new colour for Chomby is now available! We'd love to extend our most sincere thank you's to corprus for creating such a pulchritudinous pet! Take a dip in the Rainbow Pool today to check out the new Valentine Chomby!

22nd February

  • Well, whaddya know? The Valentine Yurble by chanty is here!!! You can give your very own Yurble this caring new look by taking it over to the Rainbow Pool and painting it by using a Valentines Paint Brush.

21st February

  • Love isn't the only thing in the air this time of year, the new Valentine Buzz by corprus is here!!! If you happen to purchase a Valentines Paint Brush from the Event Shop you can use it to give your very own Buzz this radiating new look!

  • We hope you've had a lovely post-Valentine's week! Fortunately for you, we're not quite finished celebrating just yet! Taki is currently in search of various Heart Shaped Candies, which have been spotted coming from several different activities across Neopia, and will exchange them for a collection of lovely prizes so long as you have enough!!! You can head over to the Event Shop to view all of the various prizes currently up for grabs. If you get a hold of any of the different types of candies you can check how many you've accumulated over in your Event Pouch. Candies will stop falling on March the 8th though Taki will keep her doors open for a bit longer if you're unsure just which prize you'd like to exchange your candies for!

    If you're able to get hold of any of the 6 different Valentine's Cards available from both the shop and random events you'll find a small treat or perhaps even two inside! Remember though, Valentine's Cards are meant to be shared with those you love- sharing is caring, after all!

    We'd like to give a special thanks to Meggan for helping develop this small Valentine's celebration event and to corprus as well for making the lovely art for the candies!!!

20th February

  • Get em while they're hot!!! Hubert of Hubert's Hot Dogs has recently started to stock his favourite foods for his fellow Neopians to purchase! If you're a Hot Dog aficionado then his wares might just be everything you've ever needed!!!

14th February

  • Love is in the air as the new Valentine colour has been released alongside the Valentines Paint Brush!!! If you're able to get your hands on one of these new brushes you'll be able to take one of three species to the Rainbow Pool to give your pet a loving new look! We'd like to give a special thank you to Elfy for creating the art for the new brush!

    The Valentine Aisha by chanty is now available! If you happen upon one of the aforementioned Valentines Paint Brushes then you'll be able to give your very own Aisha this heartfelt makeover.

    If you fancy a Hissi in the new Valentine colour then you're in luck! corprus has created the Valentine Hissi!!! This lovely new colour can now "be yours" by grabbing a Valentines Paint Brush.

    Finally, chanty has also graced everyone with the Valentine Ixi!!! This new makeover can be given to your own pet by taking your Ixi to the Rainbow Pool or by visiting the Secret Laboratory if you've found the way...

6th February

  • Oh dear!!! The Meri Acres Farms Gardens appear to have been ransacked! Lucy is in dire need of some help to solve the mystery of who, or what, could have possibly ransacked her garden! If you're able to help her out she'll reward you handsomely and grant you access to the gardens, allowing you to grow plants in your very own NeoGarden!!!

    In your NeoGarden, you're able to plant seeds you find during your adventures in Neopia. The different types of seeds all grow a different variety of items so it's best to plant a variety of seeds if you're able!

    Once planted, you'll need to monitor the health of your plants. If their hydration gets too low, they'll be guaranteed to become diseased. If they're diseased for longer than 72 hours the plant will die and you'll receive nothing, so it's best to keep them in tip-top shape! Should your plant become diseased at all while growing, visit the Neopian Garden Centre and purchase a bottle of Plant Cure to get it back to being good as new!

    To keep your plant hydrated, you're able to pour several water items onto them such as Bottle of Water and Two Bottles of Water. Your plant's hydration level won't decrease while it's diseased, however.

    Obviously, taking constant care of your plants can be quite a pain in the neck. In order to help mitigate this, there are several items that you're able to add to your NeoGarden as decorations. These decorations will provide certain bonuses to help reduce the amount of work you're required to do to successfully harvest your plants. You're only able to place 3 in your garden at any one time however, so you'll want to mix and match in order to receive the best bonuses that suit your routine.

    Finally, we'd like to thank several people for making this update possible. In no particular order, special thank you to:

    • chanty - For creating the Lucy/Shellow art!
    • ryoukishi - For proposing the idea for this update along with several pieces of art for the quest and items!
    • sidefury - For creating the art for the regional seeds!
    • corprus - For creating many new Jr. Petpet species and providing the art for them!

1st February

  • The Shenkuu Lunar New Year is upon us and to celebrate ryoukishi has created the Shenkuu Lunar New Year Packet!!! They're stuffed with goodies from a faraway land that'll pop out when you play with any Neopet using the packet. If you're lucky enough you might even come across the elusive Orange Kiko Jr.!

    You'll be able to find these packets across Neopia for the next week through random events!

30th January

  • If you're in need of a sweet treat corprus and ryoukishi have you covered! The Chocolate Draik has been released!!! Your favourite Neopet can now be as sweet as chocolate- just make sure you don't get it too warm!

    A new egg has recently been spotted by patrons of the Chocolate Factory... Something can be heard moving inside but it looks quite delicious and any famished Neopet might just have to gobble it up! At any rate, if you happen to find one of these eggs and aren't in the top spots of the Gourmet Club perhaps taking it to the Draik's Nest might yield better results than consuming it?

29th January

  • Taelia needs some items in order to complete a spell she is working on... and its FREEZING outside! If you want to venture outside into the snow and find her the items she will reward you most generously! If you happen to bring her the 2-4 items she'll ask you for, not only will she give you a handsome sum of Neopoints, but you might just get lucky enough and find yourself a Strange Fragment as a byproduct of her spell...

    You can venture up to Terror Mountain where you'll find Taelia's Igloo if you wish to embark on one of her quests! You'll have between 1-2 hours to find the items she asks for. While Taelia appreciates help from all Neopians, you'll only be able to complete up to 10 quests for her per day! And remember, no doing quests on more than one account!

24th January

  • Looking to curate the cutest and best collection in all of Neopia? Look no further than Usukiland!!! Everything and anything for Usuki Dolls can be found here! There are over 250 new items to collect so you best get spending!

23rd January

  • A new poll has just gone live, the first Neopets Classic Quality of Life Poll is now open for voting! This poll offers several QoL improvements to different areas of the game along with two new content additions should they pass. This poll will close February 2nd so ensure you cast your vote sooner rather than later!

  • Look, in the sky! It's a cloud! Wait a moment, that's not the sky! It's the new Cloud Lutari by rorjor and Tomasina!!! This partly cloudy new colour is available for your favourite Lutari now, so long as you can get your hands on a Cloud Paint Brush, that is!

  • If you've gotten yourself a Golden Ticket you'll want to hop on down to the Chocolate Factory once you hear this news - corprus and ryoukishi have yet another treat to deliver in the form of Chocolate Cybunny!!! This spectacularly sweet new look is available exclusively from the The Secret Laboratory, if you've found the way, along with the Chocolate Factory if you've got a Golden Ticket in hand.

  • If you happen to snag a Krawk from Tyrannian Petpets you can attach it to your active Neopet and bring it over to the Fungus Cave. Venture into its dank depths and feed your Petpet a spot of fungus from the cave wall and something magical might just happen to your Petpet! (So long as your Petpet's name isn't already taken by any other Neopet and follows the normal naming convention, that is.)

    Krawks born inside of the cave will also receive this special icon on their lookup so long as they remain a Krawk! Special thanks to sidefury for designing this (and also the hatched Draik!) icon!!!

16th January

  • Get ready to wipe some tears from your eyes because corprus has created the beautiful yet ever-so stinky Onion Chia!!! If you want to add this smelly little friend to your pets then you had better be hoping to restock the new Magical Onion Chia Pop from the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop! If you've completed the Secret Laboratory Map and the Lab Ray works just well enough in your favor you might just be able to get your hands on one as well...

16th January

  • chanty has created a new colour for the Aisha that looks so delicious you'll just want to take a bite! The Chocolate Aisha is now available! If you manage to get your hands on a Golden Ticket you can get one from the Chocolate Factory. Otherwise you'll have to zap it through the Secret Laboratory or get lucky and hope the Fountain Faerie sends you on a quest!

12th January

  • If you need a snuggly friend to keep you warm during these winter months then ryoukishi has a wonderful solution! The Plushie Ruki is now here and you can turn your very own Ruki into this cuddly companion if you manage to get your hands on a Plushie Paint Brush!

12th January

  • Getting a full stamp collection is extremely hard, but also a lot of fun, and the freshly opened Neopian Post Office is the place to do it! You'll now be able to find stamps both in the Post Office Kiosk as well as from various activities across the site.

    When you find a stamp, go to your items, click on it and you will get the option 'Put in Stamp Album'. Each stamp can be put in your album only once, and bear in mind... once the stamp is in there is no way to get it out... so if you have a rare one and you want to trade, the best place for it is in your safety deposit box! Adding a stamp to your album will also automatically place onto the Hi-Scores Table with your current album total. We will continue adding stamps along with new ways to obtain them in the forthcoming weeks!

4th January

  • Annoyed by a fellow Neopian? Don't want somebody seeing your trades? No worries! You're now able to block other users!!! Blocked users will not be able to see or offer on your trades and auctions or send you Neomail. They're also unable to send you gifts and any place you'd normally see their username across the pages of the website will be replaced with "A Blocked User" to really keep them out of mind!

    In other news...

    • It's now possible to get Strange Fragments from the Esophagor when you complete a quest.
    • We've had a number of users frozen for farming random events or completing dailies on side accounts and sending items to their mains. Please be aware that this is against our game rules and you WILL be permanently frozen if you are caught doing so.

  • Hark! The herald Kikos sing! Tomasina has created loads of new items that can now be found in the brand new Angel Gift Bag!!! An Angel Kiko has been seen distributing these bags across Neopia! Wait just a minute! Angel Kiko???

    That's right! As voted on in the most recent poll Angel is a newly released colour! Currently only Tomasina's Angel Kiko is available but we will be adding more pets to this new colour over time! To turn your Kiko into an Angel you'll need to get your hands on an Angel Kiko Charm which can be found inside of the gift bags! Using it on your Kiko will transform your pet into your very own angel! This item will have no effect on non-Kiko Neopets but will look great in any gallery!

1st January

  • If you're still in need of a bit of Chirstmas cheer then zretrareo and Elfy have the perfect gift for you! The Christmas Xweetok has been released! You can head over to the Rainbow Pool if you're got a Christmas Paint Brush and give your very own Xweetok a festive new makeover!

30th December

  • Oh dear!!! Disaster has struck and Kiko Claus is stuck atop Terror Mountain! Can you help him out and get him back on his way? After all, he did just deliver presents to all of the good Neopians across Neopia!

    Of course should you choose to assist Ol' Kiko Claus, he'll graciously gift you a new Deluxe Kiko Claus Cracker that you and a pet can pull to reveal great prizes inside! Who knows what might be waiting inside... These crackers will have a rare chance of dropping through random events for the remaining winter season to spread a bit more holiday cheer! Hooray!

    Kiko Claus' Quest is a limited time holiday event and will be removed from the game on January 14th. Please be sure to complete the quest and receive your reward should you wish to do so before this date!

    Hey everyone, I hope you had a great holiday season! I wanted to release this little holiday quest before the 25th but like many of you I was spending time with those closest to me over the holidays, but I am happy to be bringing it to you now! I'd like to thank everyone for making NPC's first year such a resounding success! This website would be nothing without the many members who have signed up and tried to keep the dream of the older version of the game we all love alive. 2022 will take this project to new heights and I hope to see the site and community continue to flourish! Best wishes and love to you all in the new year. -noah

22nd December

  • The weather outside this time of year might be frightful but corprus and ryoukishi have something that's just delightful! The Chocolate Bori has been released!

    Rumor has it that a handful of Neopians have been finding Golden Tickets mixed in with their goods when purchasing items from shops! If you get lucky enough to get your hands on one of these tickets perhaps making your way to the Chocolate Factory and a certain Kiko might just let you in on the secrets of his Factory...

21st December

  • If you're a fan of blue and the cold then corprus has some great news for you! You're now able to purchase a Magical Blue Chia Slushie from the Slushie Shop that will transform your Chia into a Blue Slushie Chia!!!

    Being a "basic" colour, this also means that if you have access to the Secret Laboratory your pet might just happen to become a Slushie Chia, assuming the Lab Ray Scientist's experiment goes to plan that is...

3rd December

  • If you want your Chia to look like your favorite frozen caffeinated treats then be sure to visit the Slushie Shop and pick up a Magical Chia Iced Coffee! Thanks to corprus, with one sip your Chia will transform and look irresistibly sweet!

  • To compliment the holiday season zretrareo, corprus and ryoukishi have a new colour that'll keep you cozy through the winter months! The Fire Hissi is comin' in hot! Take your Hissi over to the Rainbow Pool to give your pet this flamin' makeover!

1st December

  • If your Chia is looking for a cold treat to match the temperatures outside then look no further! corprus has created a new chilled concoction that'll do something strange to your Chia if they drink it! Your Chia will transform into a Slushie Chia!!!

    The Magical Rainbow Chia Slushie is now restocking in the Slushie Shop! If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of these slushies you can be one of the first to transform your Chia!!!

  • It's the Month of Celebrating! Head over to the Advent Calendar each and every day this month to collect your prize! It may be Neopoints, an Item, or it may be random!

28th November

  • If you're an avid collector wondering what you've acquired throughout your travels then look no further! The Collection Log can show you which of the items that are currently available you've obtained and any location you might have one of those items tucked away!

    While not every item category is available just yet we will be adding more continuously until they're all included! Please let us know if there are any changes or adjustments you'd like to see made to this new feature!

22nd November

  • zretrareo has one final treat to give for the Spooky Season - no tricks guaranteed! Don't be scared but the Halloween Eyrie has been released!!! You'll need an Eyrie along with a Halloween Paint Brush in order to web up your very own Eyrie!!!

    If collecting items is more your style then zretrareo has you covered there as well! The Halloween Eyrie Plushie is now sulking about Neopia to match its life-sized counterpart!

20th November

  • Candy will stop dropping across Neopia at Midnight NST on the 24th! Make sure you get everything you want before then! The event shop will also be refreshing tomorrow at 10AM NST. You will still be able to refresh your shop using your daily paid refresh afterwards.

    If you're going to have leftover candy you will also be able to refresh your shop daily until you run out of candy!

17th November

  • Before the Spooky Season ends ryoukishi has one last Halloween treat for all! The Halloween Pteri is here! If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a Halloween Paint Brush you can take it to the Rainbow Pool along with your Pteri to give your pet this bloodsucking new makeover!

  • If you're not a fan of the items up for trade at the Wanderer Camp the Elephante will allow you to refresh the stock once a day! Beware though that he'll take a payment of 10 of whichever type of candy you choose!

14th November

  • A new poll is live! The second Neopets Classic Colourtastic Poll is here and brings with it the chance to vote in 4 different new colours and one new(ish!) species! Head on over and cast your vote now as this poll will close on Sunday the 21st!

  • Crikey! The Camouflage Krawk is now available! Thanks to Tomasina, if you take your favourite pet along with a Camouflage Paint Brush to the Rainbow Pool you can give your very own Krawk such an amazing new makeover you can hardly even see it!

13th November

  • Living in the ground under the Haunted Woods, the Esophagor is always hungry. When he rises out of the ground, he will always find something to eat. So the next time you hear the floor shake... make sure you have some food on you to feed to this beast.

    While his bulbous-brained counterpart isn't quite ready to start giving out quests to Neopians just yet, the rewards he'll give you if you find his food will be worth the trouble! If you're able to feed him enough during the month you might even find your way onto the new Esophagor Quest Hi-Scores!!!

11th November

  • Have too many of a certain event currency? No worries! With the Event Exchange you're able to list items from your Event Pouch up for trade with other users! You can only trade event currencies through this system, no items or Neopoints!

    PLEASE NOTE : It is FORBIDDEN to trade currencies between your own accounts. Gaining candies or any other event currency on multiple accounts and sending them to one account is a freezable offense!

    (Special thanks to ryoukishi for creating the awesome notification icons for this update!)

4th November

  • It might be getting cold outside in some parts of the world, but don't fret! Kitten has the perfect thing to warm you right up! The Chocolate Lupe is now available! Just make sure you don't get this Lupe TOO warm...

    If you've found the way to the Secret Laboratory then this color is available for you to zap right now! If not then don't worry just yet as there will be a new way to get Chocolate pets soon! You'll just have to hope a certain Kiko is willing to share his secrets...

  • Who dares to step forward and give the Wheel of Misfortune a spin? For a mere 150 NP, you can give the Wheel a whirl and see where it lands! Bear in mind, however, that you can only spin the Wheel once every two hours.

1st November

  • If you're lucky enough (perhaps unlucky?) to get your hands on the rotting Zombie Draik Egg from the Wanderer Camp you can take it over to the Draik Nest and hatch it to get a totally gnarly Zombie Draik of your own! Do mind the smell though, it's quite rancid!

    ryoukishi who was gracious enough along with sidefury to provide the art for this gruesome pet, has even made a plushie to match! If you're lucky enough you might be able to find this stinky little friend for your very own Zombie Draik inside of the Halloween Kiko Gift Bags!

31st October

  • Happy Halloween! A strange, spooky wanderer camp has been established in the Haunted Woods. Rumor has it there's a strange Elephante who is looking to exchange sweets for prizes! If you happen to find any candy laying about Neopia it'll be put into your Event Pouch. Once you collect enough pieces head over to the Wanderer Camp and see what he's got up for trade.

    Rumor has is that other spooky cretins have taken notice of the camp and will be setting up shop in the Haunted Woods. Be on the lookout for games such as The Wheel of Misfortune and the Haunted House later this week. These activities will have chances to give candies along with possibly a Mysterious Ticket...

    There's also talk of several characters around Neopia handing out candy to Trick-or-Treaters! Make sure you pay them a visit if you'd like some sweets! Candy will be available through other various daily events starting tomorrow!

31st October

  • Hey, did you really think we'd let Halloween come and go without getting Bori in on the action, too? Of course not!

    Thanks to chanty and ryoukishi, with one of the these magical Halloween Paint Brushes, your Bori can join in the fun and get their own Halloween costume!

  • Reports of Strange Seeds appearing across Neopia have begun surfacing as of today! Nobody seems to know where these seeds are coming from or what they do...

19th October

  • If you're a fan of Poogles and Halloween then chanty and ryoukishi have a treat for you! No tricks! Score yourself a Halloween Paint Brush and bring your Poogle of choice over to the Rainbow Pool to give it spooky new makeover!!!

    In other news, today will be the final day to complete Tiki Tack's Tiki Trap if you haven't! Taki will be leaving the doors to the Event Shop open for anyone who hasn't claimed their prizes yet but it will be closing soon! We will announce an exact date in a future post.

14th October

  • A Gold Kiko Jr. has reportedly been bouncing around Neopia handing out Goldest Kiko Gift Bags!!! These bags are to celebrate Neopets Classic hitting 300 patrons! A truly unfathomable milestone that would not be possible without you, the players of Neopets Classic!

    Rumor has it the Kiko Jr. has taken up residence at the Money Tree and is handing out one free bag to each Neopian! What might await you inside? You'll have to open one to find out!

    NOTE : You are only allowed to claim a bag on ONE account. Anyone found to be claiming multiple bags will be frozen.

  • If you have a Draik you can now give it a metallic makeover thanks to ryoukishi! The Silver Draik has been released! Head over to the Rainbow Pool with a Silver Paint Brush to give your very own Draik this shiny new makeover!

11th October

  • Usuki collectors and enthusiasts rejoice!! A collaborative effort between ryoukishi, jedi, and sidefury has produced a couple of wonderful new colors for the Uni! Usukigirl Uni and Usukiboy Uni have both been released and are ready for you to give this faboo-ulous makeover to your pets!!!

  • If not seeing your Neopet isn't your style and you'd rather have a pet that'll haunt you even after the spooky season concludes then zretrareo has you covered for the perfect conclusion to Eyrie Day as the Ghost Eyrie has been released!!! You'll need an Eyrie along with a Ghost Paint Brush in hand to give your very own pet this otherworldly makeover!

  • It's Eyrie Day! This year, thanks to zretrareo we're celebrating in style because the Camouflage Eyrie has been released! Whether or not you can see it is an entirely different question, but it's there! We promise!

    To fully immerse yourself in all of the Eyrie festivities why not grab a copy of one of three new Eyrie books stocking in The Magical Bookshop?

    Or perhaps plushies are more your style? In any case, there are enough goodies to go around for any fan of the Eyrie!

  • Ssstop what you're doing and grab a Halloween Paint Brush and your nearest Hissi and head over to the Rainbow Pool because chanty and ryoukishi have sssomething very ssspooky and ssspecial for all of you Hissi lovers - the Halloween Hissi is now able to be painted for your favorite ssserpentine Neopet!

9th October

  • It's time to celebrate the spooky season! To kick off the festivities PrinceCharming (Giovanni) has a spooktacular treat for all of you Xweetok lovers! If you can manage to get your hands on a Halloween Paint Brush you can take it and your favorite Xweetok over to the Rainbow Pool for a bloodsucking new makeover!!!

8th October

  • The NeoBoard Avatar Collector hi-scores are here! If you can place in the top 17 collectors you might just win a trophy! But that's not all... if you're able to procure a spot among the highest ranking 100 Neopians you'll receive a jolly new avatar!

  • If you completed any steps in Tiki Tack's Tiki Trap be sure to head on over to Taki's Event Shop! Rumor has it there's a secret back room where only certain Neopains are allowed access. What kind of treasures might await you inside?

    If you've completed at least 1 step of the plot Taki will let you in to take a peek! Make sure that you grab your trophy, it's free!!!

  • If you haven't gotten as far as you wanted in Tiki Tack's Tiki Trap you've only got until tomorrow at 10 AM NST to complete the steps you'd like! At that time, Taki will be delivering the exclusive Royal Orange Cowry Shell to those Neopians who've completed at least 1 step in the plot.

1st October

  • 3 new Secret Avatars that were created by the talented Hawk are now available to be unlocked here on Neopets Classic! Can you discover how to unlock them all?

  • You've only got a few days left to complete Tiki Tack's Tiki Trap if you haven't already! If you have completed any steps in the plot you will soon be receiving a new shell that Taki will only exchange for plot prizes! If you've completed all steps in the plot then you'll receive enough shells to purchase every reward!!!

    Thankfully if you're not too sure where you're at just pay a visit to Taki's Event Shop and use the nifty new progress bar near the bottom of the page to check and see how many steps you've completed!

1st October

  • If you're feeling lucky then head on over to Tarla's Shop... of... Mystery!!! Tarla has mysterious bags randomly priced available to any Neopian willing to try their luck. You might find rubbish or you could find a big ticket item! Who knows for sure, after all it is a mystery.

27th September

  • Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy is now open to be takin' yer dubloons. Whether tis a quick lesson ye need, or ye wish to stay for a week and master yer skills, the academy is the place to train yer pets!

24th September

  • Summer may be over but don't fret! If you're looking to prolong that blissful summer feeling chanty has the perfect makeover for your favorite finned friend; Maraquan Flotsam is now available!!! If you've got your hands on a Maraquan Paint Brush then head on over to the Rainbow Pool to treat your pet to this playful new Maraquan makeover!!!

19th September

  • If you've got Neopoints to spare Bernard is now stocking books that'll grant your pet entry to the Booktastic Book Club. If you can get your pet into one of the top 17 places they might even earn a trophy for all of their smarts!

    The Neopian Book Award is also now being awarded to those pets who have read the most books in Neopets Classic. Like all other trophies your pet will not lose their trophy should they fall out of the top 17, only bragging rights!

    Only books purchased from the Neopian Book Shop, or if you want to trek all the way to Faerieland there is apparently a book shop there too, will count towards your pet's total. Booktastic Books do not count and vice-versa.

15th September

  • If you've been keeping up with Neopets Classic's first plot, Tiki Tack's Tiki Trap then you'd better head over to the Kiko Lake Shorefront! There seems to be a ruckus coming from a flock of Kikos!

15th September

  • All shells not in your Event Pouch have been removed from the game! The event shop will remain open for a bit longer and it's just been refreshed, so if you still have shells to spend then see what the Tiki Tack man has to offer... while he's still around...

  • Summer isn't quite over yet! If you need to be reminded of that then chanty has you covered thanks to their amazing art for our newest pet - Maraquan Kiko!!! If you've got your hands on a Maraquan Paint Brush and are sure you clam handle your very own Kiko being this adorable then head over to the Rainbow Pool to give your pet this amazing new aquatic makeover!!!

9th September

  • Draik owners rejoice! It's Draik Day so it's time to celebrate with a great new selection of colours and items! If one of your pets is currently a Draik then we've got great news! Thanks to ryoukishi your Draik can now be painted Biscuit, Gold or Strawberry!!!

    If you don't have a Draik or are just a casual fan then there are a selection of new plushies and books stocking now to celebrate the big day!

2nd September

  • User Galleries are getting some upgrades! It's now possible to Rank Items in your gallery! You can use decimal and negative numbers so the ranking possibilities are virtually endless!

    Items in User Galleries can now also be added to more than 1 category! Hooray! Holding control (or command for mac users) while selecting categories will allow you to select multiple! Each item can be ranked differently in each category it is in!

    In smaller news...

    • It's now possible to use the Shop Wizard to search through User Galleries! Results are sorted by quantity decreasing.
    • When searching for an item in a shop via the Shop Wizard, the item will stay hilighted as long stock remains.

1st September

  • If you've been doing your part to make sure the Kadoaties staying in the Kadoatery are full up then make sure to check and see if you're on the new Kadoatery Hiscores!!! Only the top 100 feeders will be on list this so if you want to secure your spot then make sure that you're feeding as many as you can!

  • Today is the final day that shells will be dropping across Neopia! If you are still saving for a prize from the Event Shop don't fret as the shop will remain open for a couple of weeks to exchange any lingering shells for prizes so you can still roll up and spend those shells!

    Please note that all shells not placed within your Event Pouch will be removed from your inventory, gallery, shop, etc. after September 14!

30th August

  • Wrangle up a Spotted Paint Brush and take your Hissi to the Rainbow Pool to give your pet this constricting new look! The art for this awesome new color was provided by zretrareo and ryoukishi!!!

30th August

  • The nefarious Dr. Sloth has been seen distributing gross potions across Neopia that will transform your Neopet into a Mutant Eyrie! The art for this new color was graciously provided by ryoukishi!

    If you're not lucky enough to get a visit by Dr. Frank Sloth himself then fear not! If you've found the way to the Secret Laboratory you can zap your Eyrie until it mutates!

28th August

  • Ssstep right up to Sssidney's Deserted Fairground Ssscratchcards! Test your luck and see if you can win the Jackpot... Or you know, a Mutant Plushie is always a nice prize as well...

    You can only purchase cards once every 2 hoursss...

26th August

  • But wait, that's not all! There are also now several Baby Plushies stocking in Plushie Palace!!! These adorable little plushies are the perfect companion for your Baby Neopet!

26th August

  • Several new plushies are stocking at Plushie Palace! But wait... something is... not right with a few of these plushies... If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a Magical Plushie playing with it will alter your Neopet!!!

25th August

  • If you've seen a Grey Kadoatie at the Kadoatery and thought it would make a perfect companion for your Grey Neopet then does ryoukishi have some good news for you! If you've got your hands on both a Kadoatie and a Grey Petpet Paint Brush then you can head over to the Petpet Puddle and give your Petpet a melancholy makeover!

23rd August

  • Merifoods is now stocking all sorts of medieval goodies! If you're lucky enough you might just be able to purchase one of the elusive five Draik Eggs... If you do, make sure to take it to the Draik Nest - if you don't plan on eating it that is! They are a delicacy, after all!

  • The Gold Eyrie by zretrareo has been released!!! If you're looking to make sure your Neopet is worth its weight in gold then grab a Gold Paint Brush and head on over to the Rainbow Pool!

    If you're lacking the brush don't fret just yet! If you're lucky enough to get one of the Golder Kiko Gift Bags you might just find a Magical Gold Eyrie Plushie inside!!! We'd like to thank zretrareo once again for providing the art for these items!

20th August

  • A Garlic Kiko has been reportedly bouncing around Neopia! Apparently, everywhere he goes not only does he leave a stinky trail (pee-yew!) but he's been dropping Golder Kiko Gift Bags to make up for the stink!!! If you're lucky enough (or unlucky if you don't plug your nose!) to run into him who knows what treasures might await you inside!!!

    P.S. Special thanks to ryoukishi for the wonderful item art for the Gift Bag!!!

    On a more personal note, these bags are being released to celebrate hitting 200 patrons over on the Neopets Classic Patreon! It's been unbelievable to see how quickly this site and community has grown. Each time I open applications I'm overwhelmed by the amount of people who want to come and join in on the fun! It's truly been a wonderful pleasure to be able to bring Neopets Classic to you all and I can't wait to continue to share what we have in store for the rest of the year!!! Your support means the world to me and it means that I can continue to focus on this project more and more the higher that patron count climbs. And who knows, perhaps before the year is out we might even see a Goldest Kiko Gift Bag? Stranger things have happened!

    Thank you to all of you who support the project in one way or another. None of this would be possible without you!!!

  • If your Chomby is lacking an evil element then look no further! The Darigan Chomby by ryoukishi has been released!!! If you want to ensure your Neopet is a force not to be reckoned with, then head over to the Rainbow Pool with a Darigan Paint Brush to give your pet a makeover fit for a loyal follower of Lord Darigan!

18th August

  • Hooray! It's now possible to switch your avatar! There are plenty of defaults to choose from but while browsing the site you might just unlock some Secret Avatars to use as well! Head over to the Neoboards Preferences page to switch your avatar!

    In other news, it's now possible to delete and set your NeoFriends to VIP status! This means that wherever you might enter a username such as NeoMail or gifting an item to a NeoFriend, you'll now be able to quickly select from your VIP NeoFriends!

11th August

  • A strange transmission just shot across Neopia!!!

    "Well do.. ... ... is proceeding ... plan... ... ... ... pitiful Neopets ... ... they will never see... ... ..."

    Unfortunately most of the message seems to be distorted and interference isn't helping! Perhaps a trip up to the Space Station is required? After all, nearly every transmission coming to or from Neopia runs through that station!

  • If you haven't purchased anything from the Event Shop yet you might just have two new reasons to spend some shells! The Eventide Babaa submitted by Squishy and Eventide Faellie submitted by zretrareo have been released! Make sure your Petpet looks out of this world with these great new shades!

8th August

  • Get bouncing! It's Blumaroo Day!!! To celebrate, Ween and Karl have cooked up quite the surprise - The Royalgirl and Royalboy Blumaroos have been released!!! Bounce your way over to the Rainbow Pool with a Royal Paint Brush to give your pet a makeover truly fit for royalty!

30th July

  • The Underwater Fishing Cavern is here! This trapped air pocket has created an underwater lake with all kinds of strange and wondrous sea creatures, as well as some... other interesting things. Take a place on the jetty and start fishing! But be patient. You might have to wait a while between catches. If you get lucky enough you might even fish up a Paint Brush!!!

29th July

  • Take to the skies to celebrate! The Faerie Eyrie has been released!!! This unreleased Neopets art has been graciously and wonderfully retouched by Tomasina. If you're an Eyrie fan and want your pet to look the very best, then grab a Faerie Paint Brush and head over to the the Rainbow Pool to give your Eyrie a much deserved makeover!!!

27th July

  • The Chocolate Gnorbu by Nanamom has been released!!! If you've happened to collect all 9 pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map and are subjecting a Gnorbu to the Mad Lab Ray Scientist's experiments then your pet might just take on this delicious looking new appearance!

26th July

  • To get into the summer mood, there are now several new Island Plushies stocking at Plushie Palace!!! The plushies that were included in the Rainbow Kiko Gift Bag are also now stocking!

24th July

  • The Faerie Gnorbu by Tomasina has been released!!! If you've got a Gnorbu who's ready to exude elegance then grab a Faerie Paint Brush and visit the Rainbow Pool to take a little taste of Faerieland home with you!

  • The Tiki Tack Man has been seen going around Neopia randomly handing out festive looking Gift bags... If you're lucky enough to get one who knows what might be waiting inside!!!

  • The Grey Draik has been released! If your Draik is in dire need of a sad new look then head over to the Rainbow Pool with a Grey Paint Brush in hand to give your Draik a makeover! This unreleased Neopets art was graciously refinished by Tomasina!!!

23rd July

  • Shells have begun popping up all over Neopia... If you happen to stumble upon any, be sure to place them into your Event Pouch and head over to the Tiki Tack Man's newly renovated Event Shop!!! Nobody is quite sure why he's collecting all of these shells but at least you'll be able to get some sweet prizes out of the deal!

    If you don't see anything that catches your eye don't fret! The Tiki Tack man swaps out his inventory once you make a purchase or once a week. The shells he asks for is different for each player, so be sure to trade your shells with others if you need a lot of one kind!

    Finally, if you haven't already, be sure to head over to Krawk Island to grab and open the Bottled Message to begin Neopets Classic's first ever plot, Tiki Tack's Tiki Trap!!! Opening the bottle will mark the plot as started for you and you will receive any account related rewards after the plot is over. Shells will continue falling until near the end of August, so make sure to grab all of the prizes you might want!

20th July

  • Rumors are mounting of a strange Bottled Message turning up on the shores of Krawk Island! Opening this bottle will begin the first Neopets Classic Plot!

17th July

  • HAPPY KIKO DAY! Beginning today, we will be having a weeklong Kiko Day Celebration! The first round of updates today includes Kiko Lake!!! A new shop has opened and is stocking at this large lake formed within the caldera of a long-dormant volcano. If you're interested in getting your hands on new Gourmet Foods be sure to keep an eye on this shop's stock!

13th July

  • Pieces of a map which appear to depict a Secret Laboratory, only... smaller... have been finding their way into the hands of some lucky Neopians! If you find all 9 pieces perhaps you'll be able to discover what kind of strange treasure awaits!

7th July

  • The first batch of painted Petpets have been added to the game! Head over to the Petpet Puddle if you've gotten your hands on a Petpet Paint Brush!

    Or if you need a little help planning out the perfect Petpet for your Neopet, head over to the All Petpet Colours page to preview which species and colour combo will be the perfect match for your pet!

3rd July

  • Welcome to The Kadoatery! Each Kadoatie really wants an item to make it happy until its owner returns. If you have the item the Kadoatie is looking for, click on its cage to hand it over! You'll make the little Petpet very happy, and your name will be displayed here so everyone knows how kind you are. Feed enough and you might even win a trophy for your user lookup!

    So what are you waiting for? Get in there and help some Kadoaties. You are here to help, aren't you?

3rd July

  • If you're feeling down because Rainbow Month has come to an end here in Neopia Classic don't fret! Head over to the Rainbow Pool with a Rainbow Paint Brush in hand to give your Lutari the Rainbow treatment! The wonderful art for this pet was provided graciously by rorjor and Tomasina.

  • The Snow Draik by ryoukishi has been released! If these hot summer days are too much for your Neopet to bear then head over to the Rainbow Pool with a Snow Paint Brush and give your Draik a much needed cool-off with this great new colour!

2nd July

  • A new poll, the Neopets Classic Colourtastic Poll!! is now live! There are several newly (oldly?) designed pets that are just waiting for your vote! Head over to the NeoPolls page to cast your vote now!

    This poll also features a couple of small changes to the polling system. You're now able to skip a question if you're unsure about voting yes or no! Skipped votes will not be counted for or against the question. Also, you can now provide optional feedback if you skip a question or vote no for it.

1st July

  • The Faerie Queen Fyora has commanded the Faeries of Faerieland to bestow quests upon the inhabitants of Neopia! Help out the Faeries by returning their missing items and in return they can grant your pets stat increases, reward you with Neopoints, and perhaps even let you take a dip in the illustrious Rainbow Fountain!

    For one week after this update, you will be able to claim a free quest once a day by visiting the Faerie Quest HQ inside of Faerie City, or by clicking here!

22nd June

  • Treat your pet to a stay at one of the many Neolodge™ Hotels. We have accommodation to suit all tastes and our presidential suites have en-suite jacuzzi, sauna, and fitness center to get your pet into shape. Check your pet in today by clicking here!

17th June

  • The Plushie Ogrin by Tomasina has been released! If you've got an Ogrin ripe for some stuffing, head over to the Rainbow Pool with a Plushie Paint Brush to give your pet this cuddly new look!

  • Standing at the peak of a sand dune you see a tall monolith covered with strange hieroglyphics. It is the Shrine of the late King Coltzan III. His spirit still inhabits the shrine, and if you approach, he may grant you something to help you in your battles. Click here to visit the shrine and pay your respects!

1st June

  • Happy Pride Month! A mysterious Rainbow Kiko has been seen bouncing around Neopia handing out gift bags to celebrate 'Rainbow Month' here in Classic Neopia! Several new foods and toys can be found inside for your Neopet's enjoyment. If you're lucky enough to bump into him he might just give you one!!! We'd like to also give a special thank you to ryoukishi for creating the awesome gift bag item art!!!

26th May

  • You can now transfer pets through the Neopian Pound!!! You can transfer one pet for another or perform a one-way transfer to move a single pet. You're limited to 30 transfers per month and each transfer gets more expensive than the last as you transfer more and more pets!

    In other news, the Adopt-A-Pet Search Engine is also now live! You can search for abandoned Neopets and adopt them with ease.

22nd May

  • The Grey Lutari by Tomasina has been released! If you've got a Lutari and are feeling Grey, head over to the Rainbow Pool with a Grey Paint Brush to give your pet this sadsleek new look!

17th May

  • If you've been lucky enough to be handed a Nerkmid around the site over the past couple of days then you're even more in luck! The resident Alien Aisha has constructed a vending machine capable of accepting these strange star-shaped tokens. But what might you win? Well you'll just have to try your luck and find out!

10th May

  • The Tyrannian Xweetok is now available! We'd like to give our thanks to Tomasina for completing this unreleased Neopets art. Head over to the Rainbow Pool if you've got your hands on a Tyrannian Paint Brush!!!

4th May

  • Happy Hissi Day! Several new Hissi Morphing Potions are now stocking in the magic shop. To further celebrate, new plushies are also stocking in Plushie Palace! Hissis will also be periodically added under the Create a Pet page so make sure you keep an eye out in you want one! If your favorite Neopet species happens to be Hissi you're in for a great day!

  • You can now enable the Neopets Classic Authenticator to increase security on your account. Enabling two factor authentication will require a 6-digit code to login to your account. You can also enable additional features such as requiring the 6-digit code when removing Neopoints from your National Neopian account, when removing items from your shop or safety deposit box, and even removing PetPets from a pet! Head over to the Authenticator Preferences to enable this feature and find out more information.

    Note: If you get no image during the QR step, refresh the page. Small bug, terribly sorry!

2nd May

  • The Gourmet Club has arrived! If you've got foods rarities 90-100 and feed them to your Neopet they'll now gain Gourmet Club Points! You can take a look at the leaderboards by clicking here.

30th April

  • A couple of small QoL fixes have been introduced:
    • It is now possible to clear your shop sales history.
    • The inventory limit is now in place. You cannot accept items from other users or purchase items from shops if you have more items than your limit in your inventory!

27th April

  • A Faerie Kiko has taken up residence near the Money Tree! If you're not having any luck getting a Golden Kiko Gift Bag from random events head over there and receive one for free before the Kiko returns to Faerieland!

  • In celebration of hitting 100 supporters on the Patreon, Golden Kiko Gift Bags are dropping across Neopia! These gift bags have a chance to contain several Kiko Plushies including one exclusive to Neopets Classic that will become a retired item once the bags stop dropping! You might also find untradable Pet Tokens inside! If you're really lucky you just might find a Kiko...

24th April

  • The first Neopets Classic Content Poll is now live! Click here to cast your vote and determine which features will make it into the game! The poll closes Tuesday May 5th so make sure to vote before the end of that day!

19th April

  • It's Lutari Day! Several new Lutari themed items are stocking and falling across Neopia! If you're lucky you might even get the chance to create a Lutari today! If you're fortunate enough to already have one make sure you treat it to some of the new items!

11th April

  • In celebration of Pet Day, a new gift bag item that contains various old Petpets can be found through random events! This gift bag will only be available for a limited time each year so make sure to grab one if you want to get your hands on an old pet!

2nd April

  • A strange new token has been found across Neopia with the ability to change your username or the name of your pets! Will you be lucky enough to find one of these elusive tokens?

27th March

  • Several small QoL fixes have been introduced:
    • It is now possible to delete and mark Neomails enmasse.
    • Safety Deposit items can now be removed in multiples.
    • Removing any items from the SDB will now return you to the same page as the item.

23rd March

  • A few users obtained Stone Paint Brushes from the Fruit Machine. This was unintentional, as the item was not supposed to be released yet. We've replaced those items with Shadow Paint Brushes. Sorry for the inconvenience!

21st March

  • After many months awake, the Snowager has finally turned in for a great long slumber! You can approach while this massive ice worm is asleep, but be warned... you might need to take a trip to the Healing Springs if you happen to wake it!

19th March

  • Roll up, roll up! Tiki Tack Tombola is now open! If you're lucky enough to pull the right ticket you might win some great items! If not, well you might win some less than great items! Or not! Who knows!!!

11th March

12th February

  • User Galleries are now available for purchase! For only 150 NP you can open your own gallery and put items on display. You can also create categories to sort your items! Further customization will come in a future update.

8th February

  • Dr. Sloth has been spotted around Neopia handing out disgusting potions to Neopians everywhere! Will you be unlucky enough to find one?

31st January

  • ATTENTION! : We are clearing up a bunch of accounts related to cheating! If you have more than 4 accounts or have been transferring large amounts of wealth between your accounts, have any sort of glitched/cheat items, we know! Accounts and items will be getting frozen and deleted over the next few days. BE WARNED!

16th December

  • Brightvale is here! Along with it comes the Wheel of Knowledge! You can spin this wheel once every 24 hours for a cost of 500 NP. What might you win?

13th December

  • The Auction House is open once again! You'll now be refunded as soon as you're outbid and will receive a Neomail when you do. This notification will soon be toggle-able, but for now you will receive a Neomail each time you're outbid.

4th December

  • Legend has it that hundreds of years ago, a dinosaur of GIGANTIC proportions laid a massive egg. That egg split open, and started to bake in the sun. Ever since then, a giant omelette has been cooking on the Tyrannian Plateau... Well, now once a day you can receive a free slice of omelette from this Giant Omelette!

1st December

  • Whispers of a Secret Laboratory have been howling across Neopia... What could happen if you collect all nine pieces? You'll just have to be lucky enough to find out...

  • You haven't forgotten to collect today's prize at the Advent Calendar have you? Tut tut! You can collect the prize by going to Happy Valley and clicking on the Advent Calendar link.

  • Neopets Classic is here! This page will keep you up to date on all of the new features added to the game!

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