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New Features

New Features (Our Neopets Classic Diary)

Visit this page daily for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site!

For smaller updates and bugfixes, please visit our Patch Notes page!

6th June

  • Before things heat up for the summer, Kari the Negg Faerie is hosting the Festival of Neggs to count down the days until summer! This new limited time event will last through June 20th closing at the end of that day.

    Special thanks to g for providing artwork for the festival!!!

    Sadly things seem not to be going exactly to plan and Kari misplaced several Negg shells on the move over to the Neopian Bazaar where she's setup shop for the duration of the event! These shells can be found in various locations across Neopia, but you'll only be able to grab one every minute or so to keep things fair with other players. Picking one up will add it to your Event Pouch where you'll be able to redeem or trade them with other players using the Event Exchange!

    Special thanks to Elfy for providing the art for these Negg shells!!!

    In addition to hunting for Negg shells, Illusen has also set up a booth of her own where you're able to take a pet to Bob for Neggs! It only costs 5 NP a go and you'll be able to do it once every 6 hours, so why not have a go for a chance at some wonderful festival foods and items?

    A handful of other booths such as the Nightly Neopian Feast and Pin the Tail on the Tonu will also be opening up for business during the duration of the event, so be sure to keep an eye out...

    The event prize shop will automatically refresh at midnight NST on Sundays, so be sure if you get a good prize and you'd like to keep it that you untick the Event Shop Refresh toggle on the Site Preferences page.

    On a final and exciting note, throughout the duration of the Festival, Faerie magic will be boosting the chances of getting a Strange Fragment from any eligible activities across the site!

  • Oh my! It would appear a group of tourist Lutari wandered a bit too far looking for the festival and are now looking for new owners!!! If you missed out on Lutari Day now is your lucky chance to grab one!

    There will also be additional Lutari available tomorrow at 12:00PM NST and 6:00PM NST!

  • Oh dear! It seems that a group of Neopets has gotten lost on their way to the Festival of Neggs and took a wrong turn or two! Thankfully they've all made their way back from the Ice Caves and are able to be painted in these wonderful new shades now that they've joined in on the celebration!

    The first of the stragglers are two new Tyrannian friends, the Tyrannian Grarrl created by corprus along with the Tyrannian Tonu, a collab between jedi and ryoukishi!!! These two missed their own victory day but not to worry, they're now here and ready to tear up the festival with fun!

    Next, it seems that a couple of Moehog have also lost their way! All is now well as both the Island Moehog and Orange Moehog, both graciously created by zretareo, have arrived! You can head over to the Rainbow Pool to take a look or create one yourself!

    What's this? A few Koi have made their way over to the festival as well! We're not really sure how they survived in the Ice Caves, but hey, they're here now and ready to party so that's all that matters, right? Nevertheless, the Angel Koi beautifully created by IssyLu and the Gold Koi and Silver Koi both created by zretareo are now all available!!!

    Finally, a small group of Yurble have also managed to make it to the festival to celebrate with the other Neopians! The Glowing Yurble and the Gold Yurble, both created by zretareo, along with the Snot Yurble by Taldigi have all arrived!!!

3rd June

  • In celebration of Fyora Day, the Faerie Queen herself has reduced the cost of goods in the Hidden Tower by 15%! So long as you're able to find it, that is... Do note that these sales will only continue for 24 hours after this news post goes live. She can't just give things away, after all!

    Several new items have also been released to celebrate her majesty's big day! You can find these in several shops across Neopia.

    (Please keep in mind, it is against the rules to take advantage of this event on side accounts, just like any other. Anyone found funneling funds to side accounts to purchase discounted items from the tower will be frozen.)

1st June

  • A new poll, the Neopets Classic Colourtastic Poll #3, is now live!!! There are several new concepts for new colours, so head on over and be sure to place your votes before June 9th which is when the poll will close!

27th May

20th May

14th May

  • Fancy a game of chance? Well you are at the right place. This is the great new dice game Dice-A-Roo, brought to you by King Roo of the Blumaroos!

    There are five dice, and you play the game by rolling one at a time. You start with the red die, then move to the blue one, the green one, the yellow one, and lastly the silver die. Each die has a number of faces, each one of these will have a special effect.

11th May

  • Oh my! If you're a food lover you best get yourself over to Neopian Fresh Foods!!! There are over 900 new items now stocking in the shop!!!

    If you're a collector or a feeder of Kadoaties, don't fret just yet! Head over to the Money Tree as a few sets of each item (r89 and lower!) have been placed there for Neopians hungry to get their hands on these new items!

  • If you've gathered a number of Neggs during your travels throughout Neopia, you might want to visit the Neggery! The Negg Faerie, Kari, will allow you to take a few of your ordinary Neggs and exchange them for better Neggs possessing much greater powers.

    Some Neggs will allow your pets to gain a few points in a stat while some might grant an item (in exchange for your pet devouring the Negg, that is!) In any case, the doors to the Neggery are now open and you can begin amassing tokens now!

5th May

  • If you didn't get your fill from Lupe Day we've got great news for you! Roi's Spotted Lupe has been released! Grab a Spotted Paint Brush and head over to the Rainbow Pool to give your Lupe this great new look!

5th May

  • Ssssstep right up and celebrate for it's Hissi Day!

    First off we have several new Hissi themed items to help celebrate the big day! You can find them in their respective stores across Neopia.

    ryoukishi kicks off our new colour releases with their Electric Hissi!!! Grab an Electric Blue Paint Brush and head over to the Rainbow Pool to give your Hissi a shocking makeover!

    chanty and ryoukishi have crafted quite a sorrowful pet in the Grey Hissi!!!

    Lastly, to end our parade of new colours on a bright note, ryoukishi finishes off with the radiant Pink Hissi!!! Take a dip in the Rainbow Pool to see all of the new colours for yourself!

2nd May

  • Get together with your pack to celebrate because it's Lupe Day!

    To kick things off Elfy has baked up a nice sweet treat! Biscuit Lupe is here! Take a bite and head over to the Rainbow Pool to take a look!

    Next, if you want a pet that you can bury in the backyard to save for a rainy day look no further than zretrareo's new Gold Lupe!!! Grab a Gold Paint Brush to give your Lupe this shiny new coat of fur!

    To cap off our new Lupe colours, Kitten is spreading the love with her all new Valentine Lupe!!! Show just how much you love Lupe by using a Valentine Paint Brush to get your hands on this captivating canine.

    Finally, to keep the pawty going, we've got several new Lupe-themed items now stocking in shops across Neopia!!!


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