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New Features

New Features (Our Neopets Classic Diary)

Visit this page daily for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site!

For smaller updates that don't warrant their own post, please visit our Patch Notes page!

10th February
  • Running low on seeds? Don't fret for you can now purchase a Bag of Seeds from the Neopian Garden Centre!

    Each bag contains between 5 and 8 unique seeds so you should have quite a variety for your NeoGarden if you manage to get a hold of a few!

9th February
  • A new Pizza Shop has just opened up in Neopia Central selling several dozen types of uniquely-flavoured pizza!!! Click here to buy one before they all sell out!

    You can even buy one of the EXTRA LARGE pizzas and eat them one slice at a time (yes that means there are 6 meals in each pizza)!

    We've made an amendment to Rule 7! In order to ensure Neopets Classic remains fair for all new players, we have made the decision to make gifting accounts against the rules. Any in-progress giveaways are OK to finalize!

    Following the rule change we've introduced the ability to self-freeze accounts so that users may deactivate their accounts if they are taking a break or no longer wish to use them. If you would like to continue using your account after freezing it, all you need to do is simply login again to reactivate it!

    With this rule change comes great news! Applications are now open indefinitely!!! If you or anyone you know have been waiting to apply for Neopets Classic you now can do so at any time!

    If you're applying for a side, make sure your main is at least 2 months old and ensure you haven't created a side account yet during the month!

8th February
4th February
  • The first annual Novafall Festival has been a spectacular success so far!! The spirit of giving has been seen all around Neopia. The Community Toy Drive Goal was met faster than Kauvara could have imagined! She is excited to announce that her Prize Shop is now open!! Let your generosity be repaid a bit and exchange your Supernova Geodes for some festive prizes!!

    The Fountain Faerie is so thankful for all of the Nova Geode donations!! The waters of the Rainbow Pool have been soaking up the magical nova dust, boosting the Faerie’s powers beyond belief! While she waits for her powers to be fully ready to grant the 3 wishes she promised, she cooked up a few new color options for some Pets & PetPets (telepathically through our art team of course) to help celebrate our featured colours this year!!!

    We start with a throw-back, introducing Copper Retro Mynci and Pastel Retro Mynci!!

    Next we introduce 3 new Copper pets that would make a solid addition to any neopet family… Welcome Copper Ixi, Copper Nimmo, and Copper Uni!! To top off today’s pet color celebration, we present the all new Pastel Tuskaninny!!

    A number of Petpets were found amongst the Novas, floating down from the skies above. These Angel Petpets can be yours with a dazzling Angel Petpet Paint Brush!!

    Lastly… the Fountain Faerie is embarrassed to share some alarming news. While basking in the Rainbow Pool, she dozed off and had a terrible nightmare. She was horrified to find out that in her sleep, she accidentally made her nightmare come to life! Recent Neopian News reports indicate several Malevolent Sentient Plushie Petpets have broken loose from the Petpet Laboratory and have been spotted terrorizing Neopia!

    The Fountain Faerie will continue to collect Nova Geodes until February 14th!! Look out for more news on how to enter for a chance to win her magical gift!!

4th February
  • Today's random theme is...


    No serious Jhudora fan would be content until they get their hands on this new avatar.

    This tiled Background will let everyone know how much you like Jhudora.

    Mmm... can't you smell those tasty treats from the Bakery?

    You can now mark your pets as not for trade on the Sort Pets page! This will automatically remove them from your list of pets when a user initiates a pound transfer. You can also turn on this neat banner to let others know!

    This pet is not up for trade or adoption!

    Jhuidah has used a bit of her magic to bless the Trading Post! You can now specify an amount of Neopoints that an offer must be at which point it'll be automatically accepted on your behalf! This is ONLY for Neopoints, items are NOT considered by the system so keep that in mind when offering!

3rd February
  • Millions of people around the world will be glued to their televisions today... and why? Yes, you guessed it - its Zafara Day!! (oh, and half price day too!)

    The generous Cap'n Threelegs has offered all Zafaras receive free training at his Swashbuckling Academy today!

    Take your Zafara to the Rainbow Pool and you can now paint them Pastel!

    The Toy Shop has some new Extremely Rare Zafara related toys on sale.

    If you've discovered the way to the Secret Laboratory hitting your Zafara with the ray might just turn it to Jelly!!!

2nd February
  • Grab your magnifying glass and map of Neopia - there's a new Mystery Picture! Submit your best guess for your chance at a piece of a Neopoints pool and a prize! The answer to the last one was 'Craft Stall Ixi's Hair'.

1st February
  • The Petpet Protection League is back for another weekly surprise as we announce our winner for Week 97 - Plushie Warf!

29th January
  • Hip hip hooray! It's Kacheek Day!!

    A new type of winged pal has been spotted around Neopia today! The Angel Kacheek!! Your Kacheek and an Angel Paint Brush taken to the Rainbow Pool can give your Kacheek this feathery new look!!

    Getting into the February feeling is easy for the Valentine Kacheek!! This lovey little friend can be yours with the aid of a Valentine Paint Brush taken to the Rainbow Pool!

    Please take some time to look out for these wonderful new Kacheek-themed items, now stocking!

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