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Da Rules

It is very important that you review the following rules so that you know what you can and cannot do on By using this site, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

Rules List:

1. Be mindful of what you're posting on NeoPets Classic. We don't want to limit what you say or your creative ideas (including your pets' names and stories), but if you post critical, nasty, insulting, sexual, racial, religious, ugly, political, "cheats", programs, or other inappropriate content (that includes "creative" spellings!) we'll do our best to take care of it quickly - which means that we will delete it from the site without notice and you will be held accountable for your actions, which may include an official warning or ban.

This rule applies to inappropriate user names and pet names as well. If you create a user name or pet name that by our rules is inappropriate, we have the right to freeze the user account and/or remove the pet from our site. While we have a growing list of resricted terms, we may have missed some. Please use the "Report name" button or open a ticket to report a name that may be deemed inappropriate for NPC.

Please keep in mind that we can see ALL of your messages, so keep it clean and friendly! should be a clean, fun, and safe place for everyone over the age of 13.

2. If you cheat on NeoPets Classic games or use cheat programs or other people's software to play the games, we will freeze your account. This includes programs designed to buy items from shops, gain you random events, or any other unfair advantage.

3. Accessing an account other than your own is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. This rule applies to both sharing your password and trying to gain unauthorized access to someone else's account. If you are found to be account sharing, or have tried to get anyone else's password through deceptive practices, then your account (pets, shops, etc.) will be deleted and you will be permanently banned from the site.

4. Do not create any new NeoPets if you are not going to take care of them. You are not allowed to create multiple accounts just to get more NeoPoints or rare items. Anyone found to be in possession of multiple accounts and using them for clear gain will have their accounts frozen and unfairly acquired items and NeoPoints removed.

5. By submitting material in any manner to Neopets Classic, you are automatically granting us permission to use those materials for free on the site - with full credit given, of course. These materials must be created ONLY by the person submitting them - you cannot submit someone else's work.

6. The activities and games here are just for you to play with while on the site. You can't sell them or trade them for anything (including NeoPoints, other website currencies or real world currency!) Anyone found to be partaking in any form of 'real world trading' for Neopets Classic items, pets, accounts, or currency will be permanently banned from the site.

7. You are allowed a maximum of 5 accounts - one main account and up to 4 side accounts. By creating more than one account you agree to designate one as your "main" account where you are able to play games, earn Neopoints, and buy items. Doing any of these activities on any account you own other than your main account is absolutely not permitted. This includes the use of the Garbage Grinder, Neopian Lottery, Wishing Well and any other daily activity that generates items or Neopoints. Restocking items from main shops (to avoid a restock ban) on a side account is not permitted. The only exceptions to this are the Giant Omelette, Giant Jelly, and The Healing Springs. Generally, side accounts should only be used for pet storage, galleries and the lab ray. Users found to be transferring items from their side accounts to their main accounts that were gained or collected on said side account will be permanently frozen.

  • If you decide to take a break from or permanently quit Neopets Classic, it is against the rules to give your account to another player. Instead, we recommend you apply a self-freeze. This will make your account appear frozen, but you can reactivate it at any time by logging in. Users who wish to make their own Neopets Classic account may apply to join at any time.
  • 8. Market manipulation of any sort is strictly against the rules. This includes the following... Buying up large quantities of specific items from user shops and selling them at a higher price, creating a monopoly of sorts.

    9. Using site functions in a way that counters or avoids its intended purpose of is not allowed. Some examples are listed below:

  • Asking other users to buy an r90+ item from a shop with intent to give/sell to you in order to avoid a restock ban. These bans are in place for a reason and avoiding them is unfair to other users trying to restock a valuable item.

  • Asking other users to wish for specific items for you at the wishing well with intent to trade/buy the item, therefore bypassing the 30 day cooldown. Your wishes should be used for yourself or to sell of your own volition without someone else asking you to do so. Wishing for items with intent to gift the item to a specific user is also not allowed, please let other users use their own wishes for their own items.
  • 10. Lending pets, items, and/or petpets to other users is done at your own risk. Should something go poorly, reversals of any sort will only be facilitated by NPC staff if extensive proof is provided. Ideally, lending should be arranged on-site or on the Discord server where there is a clear evidence trail which you can rely on if needed. We have the right to refuse to to facilitate reversals.

    11. User lookups, pet descriptions, shop/galleries descriptions, and pet pages must follow all of the above rules, particularly rule #1. Additionally, covering, hiding, or altering any of your user/pet names, stats, colors, or other important information is against the rules. While image overlays are okay, they must leave the things listed above accurately depicted/ fully visible to others.

    12. By agreeing to the rules you understand them and agree that you will not break any of them - or risk receiving an official warning and/or having your account frozen. You also understand and agree that your Neopets Classic account is not owned by you, and can be removed from the site at any time if it is found that you have broken any of the site rules.


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