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New Features (Our Neopets Classic Diary)

Visit this page daily for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site!

13th March

  • Luck is in the air this month as more rainbows have been spotted than usual across Neopia... what's waiting at the end of them, you ask? Why the all new Lucky Kiko Gift Bag, of course! You'll be able to find these special gift bags via random events until March 31st!

    We'd like to give our special thanks to Elfy for doing the art for the giftbag itself along with the new lucky Clover Seed! We'd also like to thank corprus for whipping up some undetailed versions of the all new Woodland Petpets!

11th March

  • If you love to give your Neopet matching Petpets, rejoice! Over 450 new painted Petpets originally released up to May 1st, 2007, have been added! If you're a Petpet collector on the other hand... good luck! Visit the Petpet Puddle to view all of the new additions! If you don't see your favourite there don't fret! We'll be adding even more over time!

  • The Krawk is now available in the all new colour, Polkadot!!! Thanks to Tomasina, you can now head over to the Rainbow Pool to view this spectacular new colour!

    If you are interested in the new Polkadot colour, you may want to keep an eye out for the Polkadot Paint Brush...

8th March

  • The Heart Shaped Candies will stop dropping on Thursday, 10th of March! Be sure to collect all that you can before that point! The event shop will be resetting at 9PM NST tomorrow!!!

6th March

  • If you're looking to have a Neopet that perfectly expresses just how much you love the Bruce then look no further! chanty and corprus are to thank for this most beautiful creation! If you're looking to get your mitts on this passionate penguin just grab yourself a Valentines Paint Brush and take any Bruce for a quick dip in the Rainbow Pool!!!

6th March

  • If you've got a good set of items in your Event Shop but don't have enough heart shaped candies don't fret! You can now toggle whether or not you'd like your event shop to be a part of the weekly refreshes that take place on Sundays. Tonight's reset will take place at 9PM NST so be sure to head over to your Site Preferences and uncheck the "Event Shop Refresh" toggle before that time!

3rd March

  • If you're still unable to feel the love in the air tonight then worry not! zretrareo and corprus have you covered! The Valentine Eyrie is here and if you manage to get your hands on a Valentines Paint Brush then you can ensure your very own Eyrie is the most lovable (not to mention squishy!) in all the land!

  • February may have come and gone, but love in still in the air! In fact, Uni has just received a double dose thanks to Elfy!!! The Valentine Uni is here, and you can show just how much you love your Uni by taking it for a dip in the Rainbow Pool!

  • What happens to all of that leftover Valentine's candy, you ask? Why, it gets melted down to make corprus's newly released Chocolate Buzz, of course!!!

23rd February

  • Oh my, would you look at that! A lovely new colour for Chomby is now available! We'd love to extend our most sincere thank you's to corprus for creating such a pulchritudinous pet! Take a dip in the Rainbow Pool today to check out the new Valentine Chomby!

22nd February

  • Well, whaddya know? The Valentine Yurble by chanty is here!!! You can give your very own Yurble this caring new look by taking it over to the Rainbow Pool and painting it by using a Valentines Paint Brush.

21st February

  • Love isn't the only thing in the air this time of year, the new Valentine Buzz by corprus is here!!! If you happen to purchase a Valentines Paint Brush from the Event Shop you can use it to give your very own Buzz this radiating new look!

  • We hope you've had a lovely post-Valentine's week! Fortunately for you, we're not quite finished celebrating just yet! Taki is currently in search of various Heart Shaped Candies, which have been spotted coming from several different activities across Neopia, and will exchange them for a collection of lovely prizes so long as you have enough!!! You can head over to the Event Shop to view all of the various prizes currently up for grabs. If you get a hold of any of the different types of candies you can check how many you've accumulated over in your Event Pouch. Candies will stop falling on March the 8th though Taki will keep her doors open for a bit longer if you're unsure just which prize you'd like to exchange your candies for!

    If you're able to get hold of any of the 6 different Valentine's Cards available from both the shop and random events you'll find a small treat or perhaps even two inside! Remember though, Valentine's Cards are meant to be shared with those you love- sharing is caring, after all!

    We'd like to give a special thanks to Meggan for helping develop this small Valentine's celebration event and to corprus as well for making the lovely art for the candies!!!

20th February

  • Get em while they're hot!!! Hubert of Hubert's Hot Dogs has recently started to stock his favourite foods for his fellow Neopians to purchase! If you're a Hot Dog aficionado then his wares might just be everything you've ever needed!!!

14th February

  • Love is in the air as the new Valentine colour has been released alongside the Valentines Paint Brush!!! If you're able to get your hands on one of these new brushes you'll be able to take one of three species to the Rainbow Pool to give your pet a loving new look! We'd like to give a special thank you to Elfy for creating the art for the new brush!

    The Valentine Aisha by chanty is now available! If you happen upon one of the aforementioned Valentines Paint Brushes then you'll be able to give your very own Aisha this heartfelt makeover.

    If you fancy a Hissi in the new Valentine colour then you're in luck! corprus has created the Valentine Hissi!!! This lovely new colour can now "be yours" by grabbing a Valentines Paint Brush.

    Finally, chanty has also graced everyone with the Valentine Ixi!!! This new makeover can be given to your own pet by taking your Ixi to the Rainbow Pool or by visiting the Secret Laboratory if you've found the way...


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