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NeoPetsClassic.Com is the greatest Virtual Pet Site on the Internet. With your help, we intend to build a community of virtual pet owners, and offer cool things such as chat, games, auctions, shops, greetings, and much, much more. Best of all, it's completely FREE!

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Rainbow Month! It's once again Rainbow Month here in Neopia! Happy Pride to all who celebrate! You can expect many new related rainbow things to drop during the month! Be sure to keep an eye on our New Features page to be kept in the loop!
Festival of Neggs! Recent reports say Kari has been spotted making her way down from The Neggery up in the Ice Caves. That can only mean one thing! Is the Festival of Neggs upon us once again?
Battledome - Now in Development! We can now exitedly share that we have been working on THE BATTLEDOME for the last little while! It's a large project so it will take time to release, but make sure you're keeping up on your pet's training in the meantime!
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Escape from Meridell Castle - Help Valrigard escape from Meridell Castle.
Mynci Beach Volleyball - Chill out on the Mystery Island beach and play Volleyball!
TNT Staff Smasher - Hit them on the head with a mallet!

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24th day of Swimming, Y5
1:31:02 am NST

Kiko Day!

Petpet Protection League : Week 121

Tuskaninny Day & Updated Activities Manager!

Mystery Pic!!

Ixi Day!

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