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New Features

New Features (Our Neopets Classic Diary)

Visit this page daily for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site!

For smaller updates and bugfixes, please visit our Patch Notes page!

27th September

  • Queen Fyora heard a few Neopians were having trouble with their quests so she's decided to hand out free Faerie Quests once a day for another week! You will be able to claim a free quest each day until the 4th of October.

    That's not all though as she has called in a new faerie to help distribute the workload - The Grey Faerie will now be asking Neopians to help her find her toys, the sight of which just might help her crack a slight smile!

    If you happen to complete a quest for the Queen, the Grey Faerie, or the Battle Faerie they might just hand you one of their new charms!

    When added to your profile these charms will provide the following bonuses in addition to boosting the odds of getting a Faerie Quest:

    • Faerie Queen Charm : Provides a 7.5% discount at the Hidden Tower... if you can find it!
    • Grey Faerie Charm : Provides a chance of a "your pet is feeling grey" random event that turns your pet Grey!
    • Battle Faerie Charm : Provides a 15% reduction in training times

26th September

  • It's Skeith Day!!! Grab your rotund pets to celebrate as we've got two new shades of Skeith to share!

    First is the fantastical Faerie Skeith!!! Head over to the Rainbow Pool to get a better look at this flying frist-rate Faerie friend!

    To cap off the celebration we'd like to introduce the powerful Polkadot Skeith!!! If you manage to get your hands on a Polkadot Paint Brush this pugnacious pink pal can be yours!

20th September

  • It's once again time to celebrate the Faerie Festival!!! During this weeklong celebration, the Faerie Queen, Fyora herself, has decreed that all Neopians are eligible to receive one free Faerie Quest per day! That's not all though as she has instructed her faeries to hand out random quests at an increased rate!

    Should you finish a quest, you might be lucky enough to receive a special new charm from certain faeries! These nifty little beads will boost your odds of getting a random quest while also boosting your chance for a Fountain Faerie Quest when added to your charms! If you manage to collect all of them... well that's for you to figure out!

    Free quests will be available from 20/09 - 27/09. The Faerie Beads will always be available as a possible extra reward from corresponding Faerie Quests.

  • Happy Poogle Day! First off, we bring you a new colour, Zombie Poogle! If you happen to zap a Poogle with the Secret Laboratory you may be lucky, or unlucky enough to get this undead makeover! Since they don’t seem to bring much life to the party, a few new Poogle plushies will be stocking at Plushie Palace!!!

    To end the Poogle Parade, a select number of Poogles, released in batches over the next 24 hours, will be available for creation through Create a Neopet! Be sure to check back for a chance to create a limited-edition Poogle if they run out!

15th September

  • Prepare your sweet tooth as the Chocolate Ball takes place today! We have not only a few new pets to share with you but another sweet treat as well!

    Our prehistoric pal Chomby has gotten a new chocolate makeover! Get ready for a crunch as Chocolate Chomby is here and looking sweet as ever!

    Next up the ever-so eloquent Eyrie also appears to have taken a dip into the Chocolate River! Chocolate Eyrie is here and ready to be eaten escorted to its new home on your user lookup!

    Lassst but certainly not least is our spectacularly sprinkled friend, Chocolate Hissi!!! If this delicious looking new pet can't conquer your chocolate cravings we're not sure what will!

    Finally, for the duration on 24 hours from this news post, vendors across Neopia will be handing out Golden Tickets at an increased rate! Hopefully you're able to snag one in order to create one of these great new pets!

14th September

  • Introducing the Activities Manager!!! This new addition is the ultimate tool for the Neopets Classic poweruser. It contains an array of different features that will assist you during your daily activities such as restocking timers, fishing timers, daily indicators and quick links and so much more.

    The best part of this new feature is that it's not an add-on or script meaning it'll work anywhere you can play Neopets Classic, even on your mobile devices! The data populating the Activities Manager is pulled straight from your account so you won't have to worry about doing any weird resets or fixes. The times and information will always be exact!

    You can enable the Activities Manager under Site Preferences and start playing to the absolute highest potential!

14th September

  • In honour of Techo day yesterday, we bring to you two new colours! Be careful though, Electric Techo is said to produce a zap strong enough to make all of your Neopet’s hairs stand up! For those of you looking for a more chill Neopet, Disco Techo has been spotted doing a groovy disco around Neopia!!

    To end the day’s celebration, Kauvara's Magic Shop will now be stocking two new Techo Morphing Potions!

9th September

  • Get ready to fly amongst a few new reptilian friends as today is Draik Day!!!

    If yer ready to walk the plank then perhaps the new Pirate Draik is just the loot you were lookin fer! So long as ye happen across a Pirate Paint Brush during yer plundering, that is!

    If a Pirate doesn't please you then perhaps our new gelatinous dragon will! Jelly Draik has jiggled its way into the Rainbow Pool for your viewing pleasure!

    Last but certainly not least, if you're looking for a new makeover for your Draik that's almost lifelike but not quite then put down your pencils and grab a paint brush as Sketch Draik is here!!!

6th September

  • Welcome to day 3 of our pet day paloozas! This is the last of the events we have to make up for, so we hope you enjoy these next new additions!

    Grundo day is up first & they made quite a stink about their celebration being delayed. Introducing Skunk Grundo!!

    To honor the anniversary of the discovery of both Meridell & Brightvale, we present a fearsome new warrior, Usukiboy Eyrie, and a brilliant scholar, Usukiboy Kougra!! Various new books will now be stocking in shops around Neopia to help spread the histories of the cities!!

    Last but not least, today at the make-up Annual Usuki Convention, several new Usuki colors were announced! Usukigirl Eyrie, Usukigirl Eyrie, Usukigirl Chia and Usukiboy Chia are now all obtainable with a Usuki Paint Brush! It has been rumored that a few new Usuki dolls have been seen around Neopia following the convention as well.

    Thank you for tuning in & celebrating all of the recent pet days with us! Be sure to keep an eye on the horizon for the next pet day!

5th September

  • The festivities continue today! We have more pet days to make up for and these new colors have been dyeing for their debut… so let’s get to it!

    Blumaroo day hopped into the lineup first! But they seem to have left a sweet, gooey trail behind… Introducing Chocolate Blumaroo!!

    Next up, Kiko day! The Kikos were so busy building the new Kiko Lake, they forgot to celebrate their own day! Not to worry, Darigan Kiko and Coconut Kiko have made their way to Neopets Classic! Coconut Kiko will be obtainable via the Secret Lab Ray!!

    Peophin splashed… or swung?... into this celebration! Woodland Peophin is now paintable at the Rainbow Pool with a Woodland Paint Brush!

    Ruki day is ending this pet day palooza on a sweet note! Introducing the dazzling Candy Ruki!!

    Finally, Meerca day is the last pet day we will celebrate in this string of festivities, but instead of new colors, the Meercas demanded new items to stash away before cooler weather sets in! You can now find these Meerca related items in various places around Neopia!

    Stay tuned for one last make-up celebration tomorrow to end this 3-day long palooza!

4th September

  • Whoops! We seem to have let down a few Neopets by forgetting to celebrate their pet days. So we are ready to make it up to you and all of your Neopets! Are you ready!? Is your bank account?!

    First up, Acara day! We bring to you two new colors Pirate Acara and Mutant Acara!!!

    Flotsam deserves recognition too. Presenting Darigan Flotsam to celebrate flotsam day!

    JubJub day is next up, and they wanted an explosive celebration! Pirate JubJub, by artist Chanty was able to help us make their wishes come true. Fire JubJub must have been standing a bit too close!

    Nimmo hopped into this palooza… but no one seemed to notice. It must be a Camouflage Nimmo!!

    Finally, something sweet to finish off today’s palooza. Chocolate Tuskaninny is the perfect pet to put the cherry on top of the celebrations!

    Before we end the celebrations for today, various Ixi related items have been introduced in recognition of ixi day!

30th August

  • Yesterday Kyriis across Neopia celebrated their special day. These two weren’t ready for the fun to end, so let the celebration continue! To help them out, we bring you two new colors to the Kyrii family!

    First, Tyrannian Kyrii to take us back in time!!! This Kyrii’s pre-historic figure doesn’t stop it from celebrating!

    It’s not a celebration without something sweet! Introducing Chocolate Kyrii, by artist Chanty!! If you manage to get your hands on a Golden Ticket, this delightful Kyrii could sweeten up your profile!

    To finish off our Kyrii day celebrations, a few new items have been spotted around Neopia, all Kyrii related of course!

18th August

  • To end off our Pet Palooza, our art team has 3 new forest friends to share!!!

    Woodland Lupe is here!!! Give your Lupe a makeover fit for any coppice canine by heading over to the Rainbow Pool!!!

    If you take a walk into the woods be sure not to step on the new Woodland Techo as it's able to blend right in!!! If you manage to get your hands on a Woodland Paint Brush you'll be able to give your Techo this foliatus fresh look!

    Finally, our newest addition to our woodland friends is Woodland Usul!!! It may seem cute at first, but make sure you watch our for its tail! We wouldn't want any accidental trappings, now would we?

  • If you need something to cool you off from this summer heat our art team has just what you're looking for!

    First up making big waves is Maraquan Xweetok!!! Take a Maraquan Paint Brush to the Rainbow Pool to give your pet this fresh new look!

    Next making quite the splash, Maraquan Kacheek is here!!! With a Maraquan Paint Brush your Kacheek can be the pet that smiles back!

    Finally, Desert Draik has arrived with a look fit for any pharaoh- or dragon! If you've got a Lost Desert Paint Brush kicking about then you can give your Draik this ancient makeover!


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