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New Features (Our Neopets Classic Diary)

Visit this page daily for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site!

20th May

14th May

  • Fancy a game of chance? Well you are at the right place. This is the great new dice game Dice-A-Roo, brought to you by King Roo of the Blumaroos!

    There are five dice, and you play the game by rolling one at a time. You start with the red die, then move to the blue one, the green one, the yellow one, and lastly the silver die. Each die has a number of faces, each one of these will have a special effect.

11th May

  • Oh my! If you're a food lover you best get yourself over to Neopian Fresh Foods!!! There are over 900 new items now stocking in the shop!!!

    If you're a collector or a feeder of Kadoaties, don't fret just yet! Head over to the Money Tree as a few sets of each item (r89 and lower!) have been placed there for Neopians hungry to get their hands on these new items!

  • If you've gathered a number of Neggs during your travels throughout Neopia, you might want to visit the Neggery! The Negg Faerie, Kari, will allow you to take a few of your ordinary Neggs and exchange them for better Neggs possessing much greater powers.

    Some Neggs will allow your pets to gain a few points in a stat while some might grant an item (in exchange for your pet devouring the Negg, that is!) In any case, the doors to the Neggery are now open and you can begin amassing tokens now!

5th May

  • If you didn't get your fill from Lupe Day we've got great news for you! Roi's Spotted Lupe has been released! Grab a Spotted Paint Brush and head over to the Rainbow Pool to give your Lupe this great new look!

5th May

  • Ssssstep right up and celebrate for it's Hissi Day!

    First off we have several new Hissi themed items to help celebrate the big day! You can find them in their respective stores across Neopia.

    ryoukishi kicks off our new colour releases with their Electric Hissi!!! Grab an Electric Blue Paint Brush and head over to the Rainbow Pool to give your Hissi a shocking makeover!

    chanty and ryoukishi have crafted quite a sorrowful pet in the Grey Hissi!!!

    Lastly, to end our parade of new colours on a bright note, ryoukishi finishes off with the radiant Pink Hissi!!! Take a dip in the Rainbow Pool to see all of the new colours for yourself!

2nd May

  • Get together with your pack to celebrate because it's Lupe Day!

    To kick things off Elfy has baked up a nice sweet treat! Biscuit Lupe is here! Take a bite and head over to the Rainbow Pool to take a look!

    Next, if you want a pet that you can bury in the backyard to save for a rainy day look no further than zretrareo's new Gold Lupe!!! Grab a Gold Paint Brush to give your Lupe this shiny new coat of fur!

    To cap off our new Lupe colours, Kitten is spreading the love with her all new Valentine Lupe!!! Show just how much you love Lupe by using a Valentine Paint Brush to get your hands on this captivating canine.

    Finally, to keep the pawty going, we've got several new Lupe-themed items now stocking in shops across Neopia!!!

29th April

  • We've missed a few pet days in our exam absence, but not to worry! Today is not a pet day but a pet palooza! We're celebrating not one, but THREE different pet days today with a new batch of colours and items to help commemorate these special days.

    Firstly we'd like to bring our attention to our special friend the Krawk! corprus and ryoukishi worked quite hard to bring you two new variations on the Krawk- Baby and Chocolate!

    Not only that, but we have a few new Krawk-themed items to go along with these two new shades!

    Kougra is on the prowl, or at least would have been a few days ago had we not missed their special day! Not to worry, as we have plenty of love to go around for Kougra!

    vesperial and zretrareo have created the lovely Valentine Kougra!!!

    If you are unable to feel the love tonight for Kougra then perhaps you're more of a Neopian with a sweet tooth. Good news for you if you are as corprus and ryoukishi have drawn up quite the sweet surprise in the form of Chocolate Kougra!!!

    Finally for Kougra, and your dentist will not be pleased, as voted on you in the Neopets Classic Special Poll #1, chanty and corprus have cooked up the all new Kougra in the all new colour Candy, Candy Kougra!!! The Candy Paint Brush will be released in a following update, however this sweet Kougra can be yours if you're lucky enough to get a chance to take a dip into the Rainbow Fountain or are risky enough to zap your poor pet through the Secret Laboratory... if you've found the way, that is!

    We have several new items available for all Kougra lovers too!!!

    Last, but certainly not least, Cybunny day may have come and gone but these new colour options and items are here to stay!!!

    zretrareo has created the shinest new colour of all for our dear Cybunny! If your user lookup is lacking some bling, the all new Gold Cybunny might be the new friend that you've been looking for!!!

    Next, if you've got access to the Secret Laboratory this next addition may be of interest to you! If you're looking for a new gelatinous friend IsseyLu's latest culinary creation might be just what you need as Jelly Cybunny is here!!!

    At love last, we've reached the last of our new pets! chanty and Kitten have created a new colour for Cybunny, you'll just want to grab it and hold it tight until it turns purple... or in this case, pink! The Valentine Cybunny is here and you can get one yourself so long as you can get your hands on a Valentine Paint Brush!!!

    In our addition to our new Cybunny colours, a handful of new Cybunny items can now be found in shops across Neopia, and they're really quite hopping!!!

27th April

19th April

  • Happy Lutari Day!!! The Rainbow Pool is going to be quite full today as we're introducing 4, yes you read that right, 4 brand new Lutari colours to help celebrate the big day!

    What's small, adorable, and is obtainable so long as you have a Baby Paint Brush? If you somehow managed to guess Tomasina's all new Baby Lutari then you'd be correct! So long as Queen Fyora isn't taking inventory, you can head over to the Hidden Tower and grab a brush to give your Lutari this adorable new colour! Hopefully you're able find the tower, that is... It's hidden, after all!

    If a spooky looking pet is more your style then worry not! Tomasina has you covered there as well! The Ghost Lutari is here and ready to cause a scare for any Neopian who might venture to their pet lookup!

    No, you're not seeing spots! You're seeing Purple Lutari from rorjor!!! Taking your own Lutari and a Purple Paint Brush over to the Rainbow Pool will grant you this grandiloquent new shade!

    Finally, last but certainly not least if you're longing for those summer days at the beach then the result of corprus and ryoukishi's latest team-up should get you excited! The Maraquan Lutari is here!!! Grab a Maraquan Paint Brush and head straight over to the Rainbow Pool to give your Lutari this hydrophilic new colour!!!

    Personal Note: Hey everyone, just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates over the last week or so. This is my last week of classes for the semester (yay!) so I have been working hard to finish up term projects along with studying for my exams. I will be finished with everything on the 21st so we should be back to regular content updates and bug fixes after later this week! Feel free to Neomail me if there are any pressing issues that have arisen in my absence as I do check the site at least a few times a day when I'm busy, otherwise I will see you all on Thursday with a new update!!! Thanks very much for your patience, now get painting those Lutari you all created today!!! -noah

17th April

14th April

  • It's Grey Day and to celebrate there's not just one, but TWO new species that are now able to receive new melancholy makeovers!!!

    Lina was kind enough to provide the artwork to give Blumaroo a case of the blues. Grey Blumaroo is here now and you can head over to the Rainbow Pool for a dip to take a look!

    corprus has graced us with this cheerless Chia!!! If you want your pet to experience sadness like never before then you'll need to get your hands on a Grey Paint Brush in order to give your Chia this gloomy new look.

11th April

  • As we once again observe Pet Day, a newer, deluxe-er, gift bag item that contains various old Petpets can be found once again through random events! This gift bag will only be available for a limited time each year so make sure to grab one if you want to get your hands on an old pet!


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