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New Features (Our Neopets Classic Diary)

Visit this page daily for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site!

27th May

  • Happy Spring Neopia!! The Negg Faerie has decided to throw together a little spring celebration this week!

    To kick off the celebration, she has convinced the other faeries to give out free quests every day for the week!!! Oh how nice! You can claim your free quest by visiting Queen Fyora!!!

    Remember, claiming a free quest is only allowed on your main account. Claiming a free quest on a side account is considered cheating and may result in warning and/or freezing of your accounts.

    She also provided each of her faerie friends with a basket full of Plastic Neggs to drop around the site! I wonder what could be inside!? You can find them through Random Events during the festival.

    All of the commotion from the celebrations attracted a few new friends! First, we introduce some new Talpidat colours!!! You can now paint your Talpidat Eventide, Faerie, Ghost, and Usuki!! You can also zap them into Retro or Spring by visiting the Petpet Laboratory!!!

    A brand new petpet has found its way to the fesssstival! Bython can be found stocking in the Robo-Petpet shop!! It is available in Yellow, Robot, Strawberry, and Woodland!!!

    Microscopic little critters have been seen leaping about in the new spring grass, some attaching themselves to wandering Petpets! It looks like the duo share an unbreakable bond. How special!! Petpetpets can now be found through random events!! Keep it in your inventory with your favorite Petpet and see if they will become best buddies!! You can view a complete list of available Petpetpets by visiting the Collection Log!

  • Is your inventory a cluttered mess that has you endlessly scrolling for days? Boy do we have news for you! These two new items will have you dropping your Neo Crackers in excitement!

    When feeding Kadoaties at the Kadoatery it's now possible that you might just be given a Kad Sack for your commendable efforts in helping the poor whining Kads.

    Consuming this special bag will unlock the Kad Sack permanently for you, a place for safe storage of those treats you might just want to hold on to in case a Kadoatie asks for that certain snack.

    If you've gone fishing with your pet they might just get lucky enough to reel in the elusive Fishin' Bucket! This slimy storage container is the perfect place to put your latest catch to ensure your inventory stays nice and organized! Once unlocked, all of the items your pets reel in from fishing will be automatically placed into your Fishin' Bucket so long as there's room!

    Both the Kad Sack and the Fishin' Bucket will start off with a modest capacity of 50 items after you've unlocked them. By using Inventory Tokens in your inventory, you can upgrade either storage medium by 50 slots per Inventory Token you use! There's no ceiling for how many slots you can increase your maximum item count by, so feel free to go wild if you're a serial Kad feeder or have lots of pets you take fishing!

    Items cannot be placed into the Fishin' Bucket. After all, it's just a temporary storage for your catches and you wouldn't want to get gross fish goop all over your precious items, right?

    You're able to place items into your Kad Sack directly from your inventory or from Quick Stock. Do be aware though that you're only able to add items that the Kads themselves desire. There'd be no point in having something inside that Kadoaties wouldn't eat right?

    But we’ve saved the best for last! Both of these new storage containers are completely random event proof! The Pant Devil and associates won’t get their grubby little hands on your items or blast them into sludge! You can rest easy knowing that your precious items are safe and sound!

  • If Luck & Chance is what you like you are in luck! We bring you two new games to give us all gamble your Neopoints by playing!!!

    If you'd like the chance to win a big pot all at once the newest daily activity, the Neopiain Lottery might be just for you. You can purchase up to 20 tickets per day (and have the numbers picked for you!) and the kicker is that each time you purchase a ticket, your Neopoints are matched and added to the pot! As players continue to purchase tickets the pot will grow and grow, but your chances will diminish with each passing ticket sale. May the odds be ever in your favour!

    Tyranu, or evavu? Higher, or lower? You will be shown two cards, one which you can see and the other which is hidden. Your job is to guess if the hidden card is higher (tyranu) or lower (evavu). It only costs 30 NP per game, and the more guesses you get right the more NP you will win, so only one question remains - tyranu, or evavu?

    Uggsul invites you to play Tyranu Evavu!

    If you get enough guesses right you might even earn a new trophy for your user lookup!

25th May

  • Spring is in full swing in the land of Neopia! Today we have lots of fun celebrations & festivities in store for you all!! First, we have a couple of pet days that deserve the spotlight!

    Moehog day mozied by earlier this month, but we didn’t forget about our little swine friends. Infact, we have 3 awesome new looks for them! With warmer weather quickly approaching, the all new Desert Moehog is fully prepared to handle the heat!

    This next Meohog feels torn about liking the warmer weather or not, but they just can’t help it, it’s in their nature to have split feelings! Split Moehog can now be created with a Split Paint Brush!!!

    Last but not least, this Meohog might leave your other pets feeling jealous! Valentine Moehog is so cute, it is sure to hogg your heart!!

    Today is Koi day!! Don’t forget to visit Create a Pet today for a chance to create a fishy friend of your own! We also present 2 new color options for you to paint your new Koi with!

    The first new Koi was found swimming in the depths of the sea, spotted glowing at the gills in the darkness. Glowing Koi can be yours with a Glowing Paint Brush!!

    The next fintastic friend faces quite the koi-undrum!! Desert Koi struggles with all the sand & heat! Better find it a puddle or two!

    Stay tuned for more spring-time fun festivities!!

20th May

  • If you have too many untradable Pet Tokens from having Donny repair your Strange Fragments then head on over to the National Neopian! Word on the street is they're now offering a Token Exchange program where they'll swap your untradable tokens for another untradable token of a different kind!

17th May

  • Tyrannian Day may have come and gone but the celebration is still ongoing! While exploring the Tyrannian Jungle or the Tyrannian Plateau you might now receive Tyrannian Random Events!!! A suspicious looking box can be found containing goodies to help kick off this prehistoric party! The Suspicious Tyrannian Box is available from Tyrannian Random Events and less commonly from standard Random Events.

    We've also got a new-old friend who has decided to help get this party rockin'! Tyrannian Bruce is here!!! Take a dip in the Rainbow Pool to check out this prehistoric penguin!

  • It's very important to us that our pet art stays as close to the classic Neopets appearance as possible and our art team does a fantastic job of this! As part of our efforts, we often go back and look at previous submissions, making adjustments if we all agree they are needed to better match our style. Today, two pets are receiving a fresh new look to better match the classic style we strive for!

    First up, Valentine Uni visited the groomer and came out with a whole new do! What a lovable look!!

    Our second pet to receive an updated look is Halloween Bori!! Bootiful!

  • Good morning Neopia, It's time for another round of item giveaways! For roughly the next 24 hours, you can expect to find rare items being given away by the account NPCGifter via trades, auctions, and random giveaways on our discord server! To keep you from having to watch the trading post all day, new batches of trades will be posted (roughly) on the hour every few hours or so. Please remember, there are lots of members trying to snag a treasure or two, so please be conscious of how many items you are taking. Good luck to everyone and have fun!

14th May

  • The Wheel of Mediocrity has arrived! Officially the most mediocre game in Tyrannia! One spin of the wheel could win you a prize, or it could end in.. something nasty.

    Arr, do ye fancy huntin' for some treasure, matey? Then it be yer lucky day! Set yer sails and make way to Treasure of the Black Pawkeet to try yer luck!

    I know the treasure be lurkin' 'round these parts somewhere...

12th May

  • It seems a Pink Kiko Jr. has been spotted bouncing around Neopia... apparently the little fellow is handing out new Supreme Pet Day Gift Bags in celebration of Pet Month! Wow!!!

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