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New Features (Our Neopets Classic Diary)

Visit this page daily for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site!

16th January

  • Get ready to wipe some tears from your eyes because corprus has created the beautiful yet ever-so stinky Onion Chia!!! If you want to add this smelly little friend to your pets then you had better be hoping to restock the new Magical Onion Chia Pop from the Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop! If you've completed the Secret Laboratory Map and the Lab Ray works just well enough in your favor you might just be able to get your hands on one as well...

16th January

  • chanty has created a new colour for the Aisha that looks so delicious you'll just want to take a bite! The Chocolate Aisha is now available! If you manage to get your hands on a Golden Ticket you can get one from the Chocolate Factory. Otherwise you'll have to zap it through the Secret Laboratory or get lucky and hope the Fountain Faerie sends you on a quest!

12th January

  • If you need a snuggly friend to keep you warm during these winter months then ryoukishi has a wonderful solution! The Plushie Ruki is now here and you can turn your very own Ruki into this cuddly companion if you manage to get your hands on a Plushie Paint Brush!

12th January

  • Getting a full stamp collection is extremely hard, but also a lot of fun, and the freshly opened Neopian Post Office is the place to do it! You'll now be able to find stamps both in the Post Office Kiosk as well as from various activities across the site.

    When you find a stamp, go to your items, click on it and you will get the option 'Put in Stamp Album'. Each stamp can be put in your album only once, and bear in mind... once the stamp is in there is no way to get it out... so if you have a rare one and you want to trade, the best place for it is in your safety deposit box! Adding a stamp to your album will also automatically place onto the Hi-Scores Table with your current album total. We will continue adding stamps along with new ways to obtain them in the forthcoming weeks!

4th January

  • Annoyed by a fellow Neopian? Don't want somebody seeing your trades? No worries! You're now able to block other users!!! Blocked users will not be able to see or offer on your trades and auctions or send you Neomail. They're also unable to send you gifts and any place you'd normally see their username across the pages of the website will be replaced with "A Blocked User" to really keep them out of mind!

    In other news...

    • It's now possible to get Strange Fragments from the Esophagor when you complete a quest.
    • We've had a number of users frozen for farming random events or completing dailies on side accounts and sending items to their mains. Please be aware that this is against our game rules and you WILL be permanently frozen if you are caught doing so.

  • Hark! The herald Kikos sing! Tomasina has created loads of new items that can now be found in the brand new Angel Gift Bag!!! An Angel Kiko has been seen distributing these bags across Neopia! Wait just a minute! Angel Kiko???

    That's right! As voted on in the most recent poll Angel is a newly released colour! Currently only Tomasina's Angel Kiko is available but we will be adding more pets to this new colour over time! To turn your Kiko into an Angel you'll need to get your hands on an Angel Kiko Charm which can be found inside of the gift bags! Using it on your Kiko will transform your pet into your very own angel! This item will have no effect on non-Kiko Neopets but will look great in any gallery!

1st January

  • If you're still in need of a bit of Chirstmas cheer then zretrareo and Elfy have the perfect gift for you! The Christmas Xweetok has been released! You can head over to the Rainbow Pool if you're got a Christmas Paint Brush and give your very own Xweetok a festive new makeover!

30th December

  • Oh dear!!! Disaster has struck and Kiko Claus is stuck atop Terror Mountain! Can you help him out and get him back on his way? After all, he did just deliver presents to all of the good Neopians across Neopia!

    Of course should you choose to assist Ol' Kiko Claus, he'll graciously gift you a new Deluxe Kiko Claus Cracker that you and a pet can pull to reveal great prizes inside! Who knows what might be waiting inside... These crackers will have a rare chance of dropping through random events for the remaining winter season to spread a bit more holiday cheer! Hooray!

    Kiko Claus' Quest is a limited time holiday event and will be removed from the game on January 14th. Please be sure to complete the quest and receive your reward should you wish to do so before this date!

    Hey everyone, I hope you had a great holiday season! I wanted to release this little holiday quest before the 25th but like many of you I was spending time with those closest to me over the holidays, but I am happy to be bringing it to you now! I'd like to thank everyone for making NPC's first year such a resounding success! This website would be nothing without the many members who have signed up and tried to keep the dream of the older version of the game we all love alive. 2022 will take this project to new heights and I hope to see the site and community continue to flourish! Best wishes and love to you all in the new year. -noah

22nd December

  • The weather outside this time of year might be frightful but corprus and ryoukishi have something that's just delightful! The Chocolate Bori has been released!

    Rumor has it that a handful of Neopians have been finding Golden Tickets mixed in with their goods when purchasing items from shops! If you get lucky enough to get your hands on one of these tickets perhaps making your way to the Chocolate Factory and a certain Kiko might just let you in on the secrets of his Factory...

21st December

  • If you're a fan of blue and the cold then corprus has some great news for you! You're now able to purchase a Magical Blue Chia Slushie from the Slushie Shop that will transform your Chia into a Blue Slushie Chia!!!

    Being a "basic" colour, this also means that if you have access to the Secret Laboratory your pet might just happen to become a Slushie Chia, assuming the Lab Ray Scientist's experiment goes to plan that is...

3rd December

  • If you want your Chia to look like your favorite frozen caffeinated treats then be sure to visit the Slushie Shop and pick up a Magical Chia Iced Coffee! Thanks to corprus, with one sip your Chia will transform and look irresistibly sweet!

  • To compliment the holiday season zretrareo, corprus and ryoukishi have a new colour that'll keep you cozy through the winter months! The Fire Hissi is comin' in hot! Take your Hissi over to the Rainbow Pool to give your pet this flamin' makeover!

1st December

  • If your Chia is looking for a cold treat to match the temperatures outside then look no further! corprus has created a new chilled concoction that'll do something strange to your Chia if they drink it! Your Chia will transform into a Slushie Chia!!!

    The Magical Rainbow Chia Slushie is now restocking in the Slushie Shop! If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of these slushies you can be one of the first to transform your Chia!!!

  • It's the Month of Celebrating! Head over to the Advent Calendar each and every day this month to collect your prize! It may be Neopoints, an Item, or it may be random!

28th November

  • If you're an avid collector wondering what you've acquired throughout your travels then look no further! The Collection Log can show you which of the items that are currently available you've obtained and any location you might have one of those items tucked away!

    While not every item category is available just yet we will be adding more continuously until they're all included! Please let us know if there are any changes or adjustments you'd like to see made to this new feature!


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