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New Features

New Features (Our Neopets Classic Diary)

Visit this page daily for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site!

For smaller updates and bugfixes, please visit our Patch Notes page!

26th June

  • If you're in need of a sweet treat to continue celebrating the Festival of Neggs then these new pet releases might be just what you're looking for!

    Take a bite out of this great new colour! corprus' Chocolate Jetsam is here and ready to sweeten up your user lookup!

    If you happen to be feeling a little hoarse due to Uni not having a sweet shade of its own worry not! Elfy's newly released Chocolate Uni is here!!! If you happen to get your hands on a Golden Ticket you'll be able to use it to transform your Uni into this edible pet, perfect for any equestrian!!!

    Lastly, if chocolate isn't quite up your alley then perhaps you're looking for something a bit more natural? In any case, the all new Woodland Kiko by corprus has been released!!! Head over to the Rainbow Pool to get a look at this prickly new pet!

15th June

  • Great news! Kari has had such great success running the Festival of Neggs that she's decided to extend it an extra 10 days! The festival will now run through June 30th so make sure to collect as many Negg Shells as you can to ensure you're able to get all of the prizes you'd like!!!

14th June

  • If you and your pets are looking for a festive late night snack, the Soup Faerie has invited you over to the Nightly Neopian Feast!!! Each day after 7PM NST and until 7AM NST you and 4 pets can go and pickup some delicious festival foods to help celebrate the Festival of Neggs!!!

    Special thanks to g for providing the art for the feast along with a selection of the new foods!!!

    Special thanks to corprus for providing the art for a selection of the new foods!!!

    It's also now possible to find a Homemade Wish Packet and Homemade Wish Card through random events and from your Festival Prize Shop! Your pet might also get lucky enough to find one while Bobbing for Neggs! If you happen to get either of these wonderful new items, be sure to swap them with friends!!!

13th June

  • It's Quiggle day and we know what'll get you hopping with excitement- two brand new colours for our favourite amphibious Neopet!

    The delicious looking Chocolate Quiggle by PrinceCharming has been released!!! If you manage to get a Golden Ticket you can dip your very own Quiggle to give it this sweet new shade!

    You can add a bit of shine to your user lookup with zretrareo's new Gold Quiggle!!! Head over to the Rainbow Pool to take a look and check out this radiant new colour for Quiggle!

13th June

  • If you're running low on Neopoints or want some food for your pets, once each month you can head over to the Monthly Freebies page and claim some free items! Cool!

    Mmm, free food!

10th June

  • It's springtime and plants aren't the only thing sprouting this time of year- After passing in the Neopets Classic Special Poll #1, Woodland pets are here! If you've already managed to get your hands on a Woodland Paint Brush then you're in luck as there are two new pets ready to be painted!

    Woodland Aisha, created by PrinceCharming, is now available! Head over to the Rainbow Pool to take a look or to paint your very own Aisha!

    Next we have Woodland Gnorbu by corprus! This fluffy friend can be yours by using a Woodland Paint Brush over at the Rainbow Pool!

10th June

  • If you've been saving a Golden Ticket for a special occasion, today might be the day! In celebration of the Festival of Neggs we're releasing not one, but THREE new Chocolate coloured pets!

    First and most ferociously is the Chocolate Grarrl created by corprus! This delicious looking dino can be yours now if you've gotten your hands on a Golden Ticket or are lucky enough to zap one!

    Next up we have the elegantly edible Chocolate Ixi by corprus and ryoukishi!!!

    Finally, if you've got a craving for Kikos and chocolate then you're in luck as corprus' Chocolate Kiko has arrived!!!

  • The Petpet Protection League is back for another weekly surprise as we announce our winner for Week 10 - Rainbow Kiko Jr.!

  • Thanks to corprus and jedi, the Craft Stall is now stocking Talpidat Enamel Pride Pins!!!

    g has also created a few extra star-shaped charms that are also now available!!!

8th June

  • Happy Pride Month! A group of Pea Chia have been seen rolling around Neopia handing out gift bags to once again celebrate 'Rainbow Month' here in Classic Neopia!

    Special thanks to corprus for providing the art for the figurines, jedi for providing the art for the juice, and Taldigi for providing the art for the gift bag!!!

    That's not all this year! In case you hadn't noticed, thanks to g, Neopia Central has gotten a bit of a makeover to help celebrate! A small Craft Stall has opened for business and for the rest of the month a couple of shopkeepers will be keeping it stocked with a collection of new items!

    Special thanks to g for providing the shopkeeper art!

    Some of these items include new Site Charms & Pins that when choosing the 'Use' option from your inventory will be added to your user lookup near your trophies! These wonderful new charms and pins are a great way to share your identity with your fellow Neopians and are the perfect opportunity to add a bit of yourself to your lookup!

    Special thanks to g and jedi for providing the art for the charms and pins respectively!

    You're able to add a maximum of 5 charms and pins to your lookup but that number can be expanded with an Inventory Token, granting you an extra 5 slots per token exchanged! You can expand and edit your charms and pins by heading over to your user lookup.

    The stall will be restocked each hour on the hour, though similar to the Hidden Tower it will be closed a few times a day for managing stock! So be sure to do your purchasing accordingly!

    Special thanks to corprus for providing the art for these plushies which will also be available from the stall!

    A new item available from both the bag and stall is Gender Fluid, a magical potion that's able to change your pet's gender! Please do be aware that unlike the Strange Potion, this item will not allow you to choose the art for pet colours such as Royal or Usuki. That being said, there are several additional genders available for both pets and players! Other, None and Non-binary are now available options from the Gender Fluid and can now also be chosen when updating your user profile!

    Special thanks to jedi for providing the art for the Gender Fluid!

6th June

  • One final batch of Lutari is now available! Head over to the Create a Pet page to grab one now!

6th June

  • Additional Lutari are now available for those who missed some last night! Be sure to try and grab one if you're interested in procuring a new friend! There will also be an additional drop around 6:00 PM NST for anyone who misses out this time!


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