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New Features

New Features (Our Neopets Classic Diary)

Visit this page daily for the latest updates on everything new that we add to the site!

For smaller updates that don't warrant their own post, please visit our Patch Notes page!

18th May
  • If you like to be more expressive when sending Neomails you're in luck! Advanced Neomail has arrived along with all of its rich text goodness!

    If you're a fan of the classic Neomail experience don't fret! Simply head on over to Site Preferences and enable the 'Plain Text Neomail' toggle under the Site Look & Feel section to get back to the layout you know and love. Anyone who sends you an Advanced Neomail will have it automatically converted to the older format as well!

    To get more organized you can now also add Folders to help sort your Neomail! If you create a folder called 'Outbox' then any messages you send to other players will be automatically recorded there until the folder is deleted!

    If you wish to keep track of important events and dates, look no further than your very own NeoDiary!

  • Koi Day is coming up on Saturday, May 25th. Be sure to send in your Koi related poems by Friday at the latest!

  • A new Better Than You contestant has stepped up to the challenge. Can you beat Derek's score in Nimmos Pond?

16th May
  • Heads up Neopians, Caption Contest voting is now open! Get ready to head on over and cast your vote for your favourite ones before voting closes on the 2nd of June!

  • A new selection of poems awaits! Check out the latest works penned by some very talented poets!

14th May
  • Today is Moehog Day and to celebrate we have got some great Moehog shaped cookies and Moehog related books!

    If the new items didn't satiate your appetite then perhaps the new Biscuit Moehog is just what you need! Take a Biscuit Paint Brush over to the Rainbow Pool to give your Moehog this delectible design!

    You can now turn your ordinary Moehog into this super-old, retro version! Any Blue, Green, Red, or Yellow Moehogs can now be hit with a Retro Ray Gun to take a trip back in time!

    Make sure you take your Moehog to visit Cap'n Threelegs at his Swashbuckling Academy today or you will miss out on all that lovely free training.

    So far we have had a grand total of 0 Moehog poems sent in. If you like Moehogs and have written poem that you think is good enough to appear on Neopets Classic, why not send it in? Don't forget to include your username!

    Don't you like me? ...sniff!
  • Grab your magnifying glass and map of Neopia - there's a new Mystery Picture! Submit your best guess for your chance at a piece of a Neopoints pool and a prize! The answer to the last one was 'Wing of Cloud Hissi'.

12th May
  • Tyrannian Victory Day is here! A suspicious looking box can once again be found containing goodies to help kick off the prehistoric party! The Suspicious Tyrannian Box is available from Tyrannian Random Events at the Tyrannian Jungle or the Tyrannian Plateau, and less commonly from standard random events.

    Boxes will be available through random events until May 20th.

    Today we also welcome the Tyrannian Kiko to Neopia!!! Take a dip in the Rainbow Pool to show off this prehistoric colour!

    Last but not least, a selection of new Tyrannian themed items can now be found stocking in shops across Neopia!

11th May
  • A new Better Than You contestant has stepped up to the challenge. Can you beat Master Brain's score in Maths Nightmare?

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