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Patch Notes!

Patch Notes

Visit this page for smaller updates and bugfixes that are not posted on the New Features page!

20th June

15th June

  • If you'd like to trade Silver Negg Tokens with your friends, it's now possible! Head over to the Token Management page to get started!
  • You're now able to search for items from the sidebar. All items r100 or lower can be searched for, and if an item currently stocks in a shop there will be a button that takes you to said shop!

11th June

Two new toggles have been added to Site Preferences!
  • Stealth mode, enable to show "Stealth!" in place of your last seen time
  • It is now possible to enable inventory sorting options and instructions

9th June

Two new toggles have been added to Site Preferences!
  • There are a number of new item warnings. I will be splitting this toggle up further to give better control vs a blanket on/off, but currently I've added warnings for Magic Chia Pops/Slushies, gourmet foods, and MP/Transmog pots. I'll be adding it to magical plushies and other transforming items in the coming days as well
  • You can hide charms/pins if you don't want to see them. but there's no other way to edit them so you'll have to turn it back on to swap them out

25th May

  • Enabled by default, there will be a green ! notification each time there's a news post when enabled. This can be disabled in your Site Preferences
  • Shamrock Shake (r100) is now stocking in Neopian Fresh Foods
  • Chia Nuggets (r100) are now stocking in Neopian Fresh Foods
  • Chia Nuggets can be eaten or opened, dealer's choice!

21st May

  • Fixed a bug where Dicearoo games would show "None" for various fields
  • Witchy Negg species change odds have been boosted by 15%

27th March

  • If you pet has completed/failed at least one job, their stats will now be shown on their pet lookup!
  • If you've got a name set in your user preferences it will also now be listed on your pet's lookup

26th March

  • It is now possible to revert your zapped petpets to their original form using the Petpet Lab Ray by "Flipping the inconspicuous switch"

    Note that this does not remove the "zapped" badge from your pet yet but may in the future. Also it uses your daily zap!

22nd March

  • Fixed a bug where the Stamp avatars were not awarded
  • You can now fish up Petpet Paint Brushes

14th March

  • Pet Day Gift Bag r99 -> r101
  • Kiko Pride Gift Bag r99 -> r101
  • Golden Kiko Gift Bag r99 -> r180
  • Golder Kiko Gift Bag r99 -> r180
  • Goldest Kiko Gift Bag r115 -> r180

10th March

  • Fixed a bug where the Event Shop item would still purchase if cancel was pressed
  • Added a "Warning! You're about to deposit/donate X amount of items" prompt to quickstock

4th March

  • Fixed a bug where Esophagor would not complete a quest a result in a 500 error
  • Fixed items Taelia asked for not stocking
  • Fixed many Moehog ranged attack images
  • Valentine Ixi image has been adjusted on the user lookup
  • The Picnic Baskets now give the correct items (if you've already fed your pet a basket you'll now find one set of these items in your inventory!)
  • The Sweet Heart Negg is now giving the correct items
  • Asparagus and Leek Sandwiches now break down into their respective sequential items
  • Blueberry Jam Sandwiches now break down into their respective sequential items
  • Juppie Jam Sandwiches now break down into their respective sequential items
  • Cheese and Pickle Sandwiches now break down into their respective sequential items
  • R88 Bakery items are now properly stocking
  • Removed Herobrine
  • Hasee, Cadro, Booger, and other R99 Petpets are now correctly stocking

20th February

the most important patch note of all-time
  • Fixed the Exotic Plant item image

4th February

  • You can now see your uncategorized items in your gallery
  • You're now able to search for items in your shop
  • User shop items can be sorted by cost, rarity and ID

30th January

  • Switched select food items to Tropical Food category so Taelia will no longer ask for them
  • The old "SOLD OUT" page has been restored
  • Removed duplicate Wet Snowball item

25th January

  • Unobtained items in the collection log now will show their name and rarity on hover. This'll help keep better track of missing gourmets/high rarity items for those who collect! (Thanks Babs for the suggestion!)
  • Candy items and Usuki Dolls have been added to the collection log as well
  • Fixed Techo beaten poses

24th January

  • The Chocolate Factory is now stocking over 650 new items including 60 new gourmet items! 🍫

23rd January

  • The haggle box will once again no longer strip away non-numeric characters.
  • Several previously unattainable items are now available from fishing! They're mostly level 80+ and there's different rarities so just keep that in mind!
  • Reuploaded faded circle images for Shoyru

19th January

  • ⊛ Buzz attack images have now been added. (thanks frisky!)

  • The collection log is now a physical place on the Neopia Central map thanks to zretrareo!!
  • The Brown Grundo circle image has been fixed!
  • The Tyrannian Shoyru faded circle images has been fixed!
  • The Meridell Shield Stamp had the same image as the Darigan Shield Stamp. This has now been fixed.
  • The 80x80 happy image for the Maraquan Flotsam has had the blue background removed.
  • Clicking on a trophy on the user lookup page will now take you to the respective HST

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