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Patch Notes!

Patch Notes

Visit this page for smaller updates and bugfixes that are not posted on the New Features page!

27th May

  • Your pets now have a rare chance of fishing up Transmogrification Potions!
  • The Trading Post is accessible once again!

  • The shop wizard will now correctly cycle through items that share the same name when searching with the 'identical to phrase' option.
  • The shop wizard will now also display an item's tradable status when searching.
  • We've updated the Activities Manager to include several new activities and timers! We hope you find them useful.
  • Auction closing Neomails will now include the full list of bids (if there were any!)
  • The Crab Shack delete button is now functioning as intended!
  • The perks of the Faerie Beads are once again functioning
  • Search Helper has been added to the Collection Log.
  • Many Petpet avatars incorrectly had a no zap check applied to them. We've removed this check and zapped Petpets can now be used to obtain avatars!
  • Several elements on user lookups have been given class names to help with HTML customization.

20th May

  • You can now use K, M, and B to represent thousand, million, and billion in several input boxes across the site!
  • You can once again set a maximum increment for auctions.
  • You can now cancel auctions that you own as long as there are no bids and it has been live for less than 10 minutes.
  • Winter Random Events have been added to the winter pages and shops!

19th April

    You can now view a pet's pose set by clicking on them at the Rainbow Pool.

  • Enabled PIN protection for abandoning pets
  • Enabled PIN protection for transferring pets
  • Enabled PIN protection for removing items from galleries
  • Enabled PIN protection for removing Petpets
  • Fixed bug where PIN box on the Shop Till page was not showing correctly
  • Added PIN pref for Garbage Grinder coffer withdrawals

12th April

  • The Inconspicuous Switch has been added back to the Petpet Lab.
  • Pinatas are functional again.
  • Faerie quest rewards have been adjusted to match retail.
  • Shop sales history is showing in the correct order once again.
  • You'll no longer see an error when pricing your shop if an item sells out before you submit.
  • Glass Bottom Boat Tour page has been fixed.

30th March

  • Snow Faerie & Professor quests have been fixed!
  • Gallery searching is functional again.
  • Additional categories have been added to the Collection Log.
  • Pirate and Island training now have the chance to offer a 1 to 6 stat bonus upon course completion.
  • Winter and Spooky scratchcard display issues for Firefox users have been fixed.
  • Books now have a small chance of not vanishing when read.
  • You can now add your side accounts to your userlookup again through the site preferences page.
  • Illusen/Jhudora now correctly redirect you to the turn in page if you’re currently on a quest.
  • Added “Back to Kiosk” buttons to scratchcards to make scratching multiple cards more convenient.
  • Collection Log now has a gourmet food checker that can be filtered by category.
  • Techo Mountain page has been fixed.
  • Turmaculus error has been fixed.
  • Retro pets now display correctly at the Wheel of Knowledge.
  • Non-Binary now displays correctly on userlookups!
  • 'Identical to my phrase' is selected by default when using search helper icons.
  • Zombie/Usuki/Celebration/Stealthy Petpet Paintbrushes are now usable at the Petpet Puddle.

22nd March

  • All quests now only ask for items that are guaranteed to stock in shops
  • Taelia and the Professor's NP rewards have been given a slight NP boost
  • Taelia and the Professor now have a chance of giving you an item off of their 'Rare Drop Table'
  • Fixed an issue where items would appear on two pages of SDB/Shops when sorting
  • Fixed an issue that caused a 500 error when depositing items into your SDB

20th March

  • Illusen and Jhudora are no longer asking for Furniture, Cards, Gardening Decorations.
  • Esophagor is now awarding Spooky and Gross foods.
  • Neoboards are functional again (bbcode and smilies to follow shortly).
  • You can once again view other users’ avatars from their userlookup.
  • Collection log book checker tool has been fixed.

9th March

  • Both Kadoatery avatars are available again.
  • Mystery Island Training now follows proper level restrictions.
  • Gardening unlock quest is now functional again in preparation for the gardening overhaul.
  • Dailies are dropping gardening seeds again.
  • Shenkuu Lunar New Year Packets and Valentines are no longer dropping, Uni Celebration bags are dropping!
  • TDMBGPOP avatar has been added.

8th March

  • All clickable and pet avatars are unlockable again.
  • The Neggery and Tarla are functional again.
  • Donny can once again repair bags of broken neopoints.
  • Deluxe Kiko Pride Gift Bag prize pool has been corrected.
  • Wheel of Misfortune error fixed.
  • Fishing level has been added back to QuickRef.
  • Acara Transmogrification Potion is now usable.
  • Kadoatie trophy no longer duplicates.

1st March

  • Wheel of Misfortune is re-enabled.
  • SDB withdrawal of multiple items has been fixed.
  • Using the daily lever now shows your remaining pulls available.
  • 2 day auctions now correctly show the remaining time.
  • Collection Log/Fungus Cave are clickable on the map again.
  • Grooming items are usable again.

20th February

  • Secret Laboratory Map unlocks now display correctly
  • Petpet Laboratory Map unlocks now work correctly
  • Spooky, Original, and Underwater maps have all had their prizes tweaked with a new high rarity and retired gift bag table!

13th February

  • Rewrote Quick Stock to improve performance, now loading times are much quicker!
  • Fixed a bug where User Shop items would show different quantities depending on which page you were on
  • Fixed a bug where the Esophagor wouldn't show the prize you received
  • The Esophagor has stopped awarding candies. He thanks you for all of the delicious spooky treats!

13th February

  • Dice-a-Roo Hi-Scores have been fixed
  • The tax beast random events have be re-enabled along with their Hi-Scores
  • The toggle for Inventory Sorting now functions properly
  • You're now able to once again sort your items in your user shop
  • The SDB sort toggle is once again functioning.
  • The Trading Post displays the age of lots (and your own!) so long as you have the toggle enabled!
  • Trading Post Lots that have reached 14 days of age will now automatically be removed
  • The Pronoun Pins are able to be added to your user lookup and are now spawning in the Craft Stall!

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