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New Features (Our Neopets Classic Diary)

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25th May

  • Spring is in full swing in the land of Neopia! Today we have lots of fun celebrations & festivities in store for you all!! First, we have a couple of pet days that deserve the spotlight!

    Moehog day mozied by earlier this month, but we didn’t forget about our little swine friends. Infact, we have 3 awesome new looks for them! With warmer weather quickly approaching, the all new Desert Moehog is fully prepared to handle the heat!

    This next Meohog feels torn about liking the warmer weather or not, but they just can’t help it, it’s in their nature to have split feelings! Split Moehog can now be created with a Split Paint Brush!!!

    Last but not least, this Meohog might leave your other pets feeling jealous! Valentine Moehog is so cute, it is sure to hogg your heart!!

    Today is Koi day!! Don’t forget to visit Create a Pet today for a chance to create a fishy friend of your own! We also present 2 new color options for you to paint your new Koi with!

    The first new Koi was found swimming in the depths of the sea, spotted glowing at the gills in the darkness. Glowing Koi can be yours with a Glowing Paint Brush!!

    The next fintastic friend faces quite the koi-undrum!! Desert Koi struggles with all the sand & heat! Better find it a puddle or two!

    Stay tuned for more spring-time fun festivities!!

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